General Health Insurance Premium Statement by Minister Selçuk

minister selcuktan general health insurance premium explanation
minister selcuktan general health insurance premium explanation

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Emerald Selcuk, Social Security Week special, give information on developments in the field of Social Security in Turkey.

Minister Selçuk reminded that all citizens have access to General Health Insurance in his statement on his social media account, “If you do not have social security, your entire family is within the scope of GSS with a monthly premium of 88.29 TL. All children and adolescents under the age of 18 are unconditionally covered by GSS. ” gave expressions.

Stating that the service was provided on a 2.421 contracted healthcare provider, Minister Selçuk shared the information that health services were provided without seeking any conditions in cases such as emergency cases, traffic and work accidents, maternity, newborn babies and substance abuse.

The Number of Medicines Included in the Reimbursement List in 2020 Reaches 8.976

Sharing the point reached in the number of drugs and contracted pharmacies in the reimbursement list, Minister Selçuk stated that the number of drugs on the reimbursement list was 2002 in 5.423, while the number of drugs included in the reimbursement list reached 2020 in 8.976.

The Number of Contracted Pharmacies was 2020 in 26.363

The number of contracted pharmacies increased from 2002 in 18.100 to 2020 in 26.363.

"The medication, optical and medical devices needed in the treatment can be purchased from all institutions that make contracts with SGK." Minister Selçuk, who also shared his knowledge, celebrated the Social Security Week.

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