Minister Karaismailoğlu Investigates at Amasya Ring Road Construction Site

minister investigates at karamasmailoglu amasya cevre road
minister investigates at karamasmailoglu amasya cevre road

Minister Karaismailoğlu examined the Amasya Ring Road Project site, which has a total investment cost of 920 million liras and will be opened soon, and received information from the authorities.

Celebrating the holiday of workers and engineers who continue their work, Karaismailoğlu said in a statement to journalists that the construction of the ring road that Amasya has been waiting for years has reached its final stage.

Explaining that the fine works of the project have been started, Karaismailoğlu said, “Hopefully, in the summer period, we will have started a clean 11 kilometers of ring road here before the feast comes. It has become a very comfortable, high standard road. Hopefully, it will be a way that will ease the traffic of the city in Amasya and increase the quality of life. ” he spoke.

“We Are Proud As We Provide Such Beautiful Services”

anywhere in Turkey in the air, a feverish work on roads and railways they continue describing Karaismailoğlu, said:

“We took all our precautions in the coronavirus process, and overhauled our sites. We took all kinds of measures, social distance, disinfection. Our friends are working hard. Maybe they could not visit their families on the feast, maybe they received their prayers over the phone, but after these roads are finished, our nation will be very helpful after their prayers. They are instrumental in beneficial services, we thank them all. As we provide such good services, we are proud. Under the leadership of our President, we are working hard at the service point all over our country. Hopefully, I wish everyone good holidays to meet on more beautiful holidays. ”

Karaismailoğlu accompanied Amasya Governor Osman Varol, AK Party Amasya Deputies Mustafa Levent Karahocagil and Hasan Çilez in their investigations.

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