Minister Ersoy: If there is nothing wrong, tourism starts with the domestic tourism movement like May 28

minister ersoy, if nothing goes wrong, tourism begins with an internal tourism movement like may
minister ersoy, if nothing goes wrong, tourism begins with an internal tourism movement like may

📩 17/05/2020 13:06

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, "If there is nothing wrong, hopefully tourism will start with the domestic tourism movement like May 28." said.

Minister Ersoy made a statement about the effects of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak on tourism and expectations in the NTV live broadcast in Bodrum district of Muğla.

Kovid-19 indicating that the outbreak of the world, such as Turkey's Minister of adverse effects Ersoy said that the lessons from every crisis in Turkey.

Emphasizing that there were improvements in many countries, Minister Ersoy said:

“If nothing goes wrong, I hope tourism will start with the domestic tourism movement like May 28th. We think that foreign tourism will start in certain countries after mid June. (Kovid-19 process) We did not close the hotels, the facilities had to close themselves as the air and ground traffic was stopped. We took the necessary steps on circulars and criteria. Safe perception needs to be ensured completely. For this, we started a detailed certification program. It was the first in the world, and the EU decided to do a similar study. ”

Minister Ersoy said: “I believe that if the domestic flights, my prediction, if there is no relaxation in the society discipline and the data continues to go down, the end of May will open. I think in the same way that international flights start at many points in June. Asian traffic seems to be open. Improvements are fast in many countries such as China and South Korea. As if they were to be opened first. There are serious improvements in European countries. ”

Bodrum Castle Will Be In Service With A 19-Month Delay Due To Kovid-2

Providing information about the restoration works related to Bodrum Castle, Minister Ersoy said that the restoration work was started in 2017 and that they accelerated the work when he started his duty.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that they put the first phase of the castle into service on May 19 last year to avoid the season, and this year they aim to raise the second phase to May 19, but there is some delay in their work due to the coronavirus.

Noting that the castle will be put into service until the end of June, the restoration work has been completed, Minister Ersoy stated that the castle was restored from A to Z.

Stating that the stage arrangement was opened last year and that the stage will serve as of July this year, Minister Ersoy said, “The biggest shipwrecks are in the castle. All areas where artifacts from glass museums and wrecks were exhibited have been completely overhauled. The walls of the castle and even new places on the wall were discovered, and we also underwent restoration. From lighting to service areas, they were all overhauled. Hopefully we will have completed the restoration like the end of June, we will open it to the visitors. ” he spoke.

Stating that the castle is the symbol of Bodrum, Minister Ersoy stated that they are trying to complete this place as soon as possible and that they will be put into service with a 19-month delay due to Kovid-2.

We are watching the development of the virus in countries providing dense tourist traffic

The world area under the influence of the new type of coronavirus that negatively affects Turkey voicing Minister Wayne, but he learned something from every crisis, said that lessons be removed.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, after the difficulties experienced in 2016 has long been discussed and can not be raised in Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency for the services they received last year reminded of the words continued as follows:

“At first this was met with reactions by some sections, but a large part of the industry believed this. When you look at 2019 and a record number of tourists to Turkey has achieved a record number of income. We had a very serious growth target in 2020 as well. We had an income target of 58 million and 40 billion dollars. Initial data showed that early bookings were above our targets. Here, the promotional activities that have not been carried out for a long time and which are conducted from a single source have many benefits. The promotions we make, professional promotions will speed up the process at the exit of the virus crisis and will speed up our return to our old gains. ”

Emphasizing that the greatest effects of the virus on the world are transportation, Minister Ersoy noted that international air traffic had to be stopped and the border gates of the countries were closed.

Pointing out that the opening of these should be done in a controlled manner, Minister Ersoy said:

“You have to solve the problem in your own country first. There are issues you need to do first, such as preventing the spread of viruses, reducing the number of cases to zero if possible. Then, you need to observe the countries that supply tourists. We are doing so now. We monitor the development of the virus in countries that provide us with intense tourist traffic. In many, improvements began quickly. Especially in European countries. Now we can pass the second stage, we have to gradually start the traffic with them. There are important studies taken by our Ministry of Health in terms of domestic measures. Measures taken as examples by World Health Organization were taken. Normalization processes are also evaluated in the cabinet every week, and are announced weekly by taking the opinions of the Scientific Committee. Because by seeing those developments, normalization should start with slow steps. ”

Certification Period in Tourism

Explaining that a certification program has been prepared by creating a unit under the coordination of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the relevant Ministries, Minister Ersoy stated that they also received representatives from the sector.

Expressing that there are also names from the Scientific Committee, Minister Ersoy said:

“After receiving the opinion of the Scientific Board, we started publishing the criteria we created as a result of all evaluations. It usually contains items that must be followed. It contains the essentials. But the certification is voluntary. Certification includes your regular audits periodically by internationally authorized institutions. The criteria were determined in groups of four. The first group is the airlines and airports. The second group is tourism transportation. The third group, accommodation facilities, restaurants. The fourth group is visitors. In this context, each contains separate circulars and separate certifications, but there is only one certification system on the roof. In essence, social distance rules, two indispensable hygiene rules and hygiene rules developed after the virus consist of a certification criteria that includes regular and periodic training of the three personnel. ”

Expressing that they have done a very detailed study on the accommodation sector regarding the certification system, Minister Ersoy stated that the negotiations with the companies that will perform the top certification have been completed and that they will be announced as an alternative.

Stating that the companies that have completed their criteria from accreditation will start accepting applications for certification, Minister Ersoy said, “Our forecast is to complete the accommodation facilities and restaurants protocols in May, and businesses that fulfill their obligations as of June begin to receive their certificates.” said.

Expressing that those who have received their certificates do not have to start working, Ersoy said that obtaining certification is voluntary but businesses have to comply with the circular.

Culture and both on their own websites as the Ministry of Tourism Tourism Development Agency Minister explained that they will launch the certificates field facility sites Ersoy, "In addition, all of the intensive passenger that provide the tour operator Turkey have informed the certification system. We will actively follow them on our site. Probably, passengers will give priority to certified facilities both in tourism traffic moving in domestic tourism and in tourist traffic from abroad. ” he spoke.

Noting that they have developed a transparent certification system and put the certificate documents in the visible places of the hotels, Minister Ersoy stated that the inspection report can be viewed with the code on the document and all reports in the past can be accessed.

Minister Ersoy stated that any positive and negative developments regarding the facility can be seen in this certification system, and that most of the guests will want to see this certification.

“First Letter Sent, Then Telephone Diplomacy Started”

Reminding that they wrote letters to the countries sending dense passengers as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Minister Ersoy stated that they carried out this in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Last week voicing deliver letters Ministers Ersoy, letters describing the health capacity in Turkey, hospital, intensive care beds, ambulances showing the number of ambulance helicopters and planes have written the detailed file with the certification criteria that said two files that they put.

Explaining that they started telephone diplomacy after the letter, Minister Ersoy said, “If they have additional requests, we prepare and send them. We think it will become clear in a few weeks. The other party is also cautious. In certain periods, air traffic started to open in certain destinations. We will watch the developments together. Turkey is prepared, supervised the infrastructure as well as the necessary certification systems. I hope we will open our doors both as land traffic and air traffic. ” he spoke.

Test Centers Will Be Established at Airports

On the question of how the invited guests will be tested to Turkey in the direction of the Minister Ersoy, "a study done by the Health Ministry, it was decided to create the airports testing centers provide intensive tourist traffic. There are tourists who test in their own country. We do not ban them, you don't have to have a test in our country. ” he spoke.

Stating that the necessary tests will be carried out within the scope of the criteria of the Ministry of Health and that there will be a criterion of 72 hours, Ersoy stated that they will discuss these with the Scientific Committee and decide on them soon.

“Those who have tested in their own country will be able to come easily. However, the Ministry of Health will provide the test service in the field to those who did not have time to take the test and did not. He started work on the creation of test centers for this. ” Saying Minister Ersoy, stressed that as of the beginning of June, these test centers will start to open in airports that bring in dense tourists.

Expressing that these tests will be applied not only for tourists but also for all guests coming from abroad, Minister Ersoy said that there are practical tests and that it does not exceed an hour.

Expressing that he can sometimes find 3-4 hours depending on the density of the laboratory, Minister Ersoy said, “We do not have to wait at the airport. You get the test, you get the result until you come to your hotel. There are rapid improvements and improvements regarding the test criteria. After all, all developments are positive. Our Ministry of Health is also announcing new kits. Local kits are also being worked on, our Minister of Industry also announced. We will reflect it to our test centers. The test center has cleared and resolved this week. ” said.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that they had no decision to close the accommodation facilities, but the owners had to close the facilities because the air and passenger traffic was closed.

“We Will Ensure High Income Group Tourists Will Come to the Region”

Mentioning that they have prepared two projects: “Aegean Tourism Center Çeşme phase” and “Aegean Tourism Center Didim phase”, Minister Ersoy stated that they discussed the details of the project in Çeşme yesterday.

Expressing that it will be an exemplary project of the world, Minister Ersoy stated that they are working on all concepts and that they have formed a commission that includes both Metropolitan Municipality and Çeşme Municipality.

Reminding that they have formed a commission including some chambers and universities, Minister Ersoy said that the commission held its first meeting with large participation yesterday and that they will hold it regularly.

Minister Ersoy, who discussed the criteria of the commission and declared that the architectural group or consortium will be formed first and put the agreed concepts on the field, said, “These will be put into the plan after the majority are agreed. Then, it will begin the allocation and investment phase. We have set up such a road map. ” said.

Pointing out that the Mediterranean region receives 40 percent of the total tourist capacity, Minister Ersoy said:

“Marmara region also takes up 40 percent of it. The Aegean region receives 10 percent and our other regions receive the remaining 10 percent. In fact, the Aegean Region needs to have much higher capacity, well below the place it deserves. What is the problem? The shortness of the season. Çeşme region is fit for 60, 90 days. In fact, a tourism approach that appeals to only one type of tourist, which is only for domestic tourists, has been created, and it is mainly for tourism. A structure different from the normal tourism economy has developed. In this context, while we were developing the area, we worked on the stage of the tourism center, especially what should be the 12-month tourism activities that are the basis of sustainable tourism. We will ensure that tourists with high income groups come to the region. ”

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that it is a project that is based on horizontal architecture, intensity is low, nature and environment are prioritized, all kinds of environmental certifications are planned, especially for the general use of coastal areas.

Ersoy Minister stating that the project ends when brought into Turkey as the world's No. projects, samples will be taken in future tourism investment, said he would create serious employment too.

Labor and economy, Turkey's tourism revenues per person per night it was a very useful project for the transport of striking up a lot Ersoy Minister, highlighted that 97 percent of the public land of the land of Didim project.

Will Need New Cruise Port in 2022

Reminding that Istanbul is one of the few lines of the world in terms of air traffic after the new airport, Minister Ersoy also said that it has become one of the important line centers for cruise ships as a destination, departure and starting point.

Ministers highlighted that it is important cruise tourism Ersoy, "Turkey has 4 or 5 largest cruise operator. They perform 80 percent and 90 percent of the ship's work in the Mediterranean basin. They stopped their operations until the effects of the virus passed and the environment became clearer. They also postpone it monthly. When does it start? We think of July and August as if we find cruise operations. We meet with them regularly and they want to start the operations as soon as the situation improves. ” he spoke.

Stating that his predictions will increase every year as of 2020 in the cruise lines, Minister Ersoy stated that a new cruise port will be needed by 2022.

Explaining that Galataport will be unable to meet the needs by 2021, Minister Ersoy stated that they may need to open a new port until 2022.

Beyoğlu Culture Road Project

Pointing out that the Beyoğlu Culture Road Project is a project that started with Galataport, Minister Ersoy said:

“There is a Galataport Project on our beach. This project is one of the port operator-operation centers exemplified in the world. This place does not only appeal to tourists, it also appeals to local people. It is becoming one of the new attraction points of Istanbul. We started the construction of Atatürk Cultural Center. This is another attraction at the end point of Taksim. We planned a Culture Road starting from Galataport to Atatürk Cultural Center. We have prepared a plan within the Culture Road that includes cultural activities related to the buildings owned by our institutions and our Ministry. ”

Minister Ersoy, who stated that there was an Atlas Passage building that they had accelerated last year within the scope of this program and that they will open it to service in September, continued as follows:

"As the first cinema museum in Istanbul Turkey Cinema Museum there are going to implement. We are restoring the Atlas Cinema from A to Z. We are building a very modern and beautiful hall for 470 people there. Our building is a very historic building. As of September, we will now regularly hold the gala of Turkish movies in Atlas Passage. We will open a red carpet to Beyoğlu. We have multi-purpose halls inside. When you get out of there, we connect you to the Galata Tower. Inside the Galata Tower, a cafeteria was a place with a restaurant, a kitchen and additional offices. We obviously change the function of the ratio. We make it a food and beverage unit. We turn this place into a very beautiful museum. You see, when you look from the Galata Tower, Turkey's cultural values. You will observe it from the top as a museum that includes the cultural values ​​you see, and as you go down, you will encounter a very nice presentation about all these cultural values ​​and structures. While this is now a point of attraction, it will also be the orientation center for Istanbul's most valuable attractions. ”

Minister Ersoy said that someone who left Galataport would walk to the Galata Tower and from here to Beyoğlu.

Minister Ersoy stated that they will put Tarık Zafer Tuna Cultural Center into service on June 7 and stated that there will be a theater, pocket cinema and a multi-purpose hall to be used in the service of galleries within the cultural center.

Pointing out that they have accelerated the construction in Atatürk Cultural Center and will build a Cultural Street here, Ersoy stated that they would have completed a cultural road project that started in Galataport and continued in Galata Tower.

Reminding that the Galata Tower is a Genoese Tower, Minister Ersoy told the story of the ratio and said:

“Galata Tower establishes the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation after Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul. After 1821, until 1936, with the development of technology and the invention of the telegraph, new service institutions are starting to form. This is beginning to occur in Turkey. New concepts like municipality are starting to develop. These services are also started to be provided by the municipalities. After a while, a decision is made regarding the transfer of the property of the service foundations to the municipality in order to have a synchronization between the services provided by the foundations and the services of the municipalities. It is seen in the following dates that these properties owned by the foundations are being ignored by the municipalities. It is not used properly for the purpose, the deterioration of the structures begins. With a law enacted in 1969, an arrangement is made regarding the return of cultural assets, whose origin is foundation, back to the foundation, where they are registered at the origin. Since this arrangement is a bit lacking in some issues, it cannot be applied as desired. However, as of 2008, these deficiencies are eliminated with a legal regulation again and since 2008, such real estates, especially cultural assets, which have a foundation, are being returned to the foundation in which they are registered.

In this process, Turkey is back to close to a thousand foundation is registered at the origin of the goods Minister stressed Ersoy said that there were 585 of them in real estate in Istanbul.

Explaining that approximately 101 of them belong to municipalities, 65 of them belong to Metropolitan Municipality and 36 to district municipalities, Ersoy said, “So the Galata Tower will not be the first real estate or the last real estate passing through the municipality. In this way, we closely follow the goods belonging to the General Directorate of Foundations and ensure that they all return to the foundations to which they are registered. ” said.

“I initiated a strict follow-up on the coasts and lands”

Emphasizing that these works they did not only concern foundations, Minister Ersoy continued as follows:

“As soon as I took office, I started a strict follow-up, especially on the coasts and lands of my Ministry. In a way, I have worked on evacuating the squatter occupied areas and recycling the lands used for far below the given value to the Ministry. In fact, it is an operation to restore the property of the occupied state to its origin. All of Turkey in general we're doing this strictly followed. We have initiated a comprehensive study on the evacuation of the occupied places and, if necessary, reinstating the lands to the state and then making them available to the public. You will hear this work in many ways from now on. Unfortunately, sometimes different perception operations are carried out on social media to prevent and slow down our speed. But ultimately everyone understands what we are trying to do. ”

Presenter Merih Ak's "When will we start swimming?" Minister Ersoy gave the following answer to the question:

“We, as the Ministry, cannot take a decision on this alone. Decisions are made in the cabinet. While making a decision in the cabinet, the opinions of the Scientific Committee are also taken. But there are certain criteria. We have indispensable hygiene rules and rules regarding social distance. Improvements in the number of cases, which are very good. I strongly believe that normalization will occur rapidly like the end of May and the beginning of June. We'll see that week by week. "

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