Masks Distributed to Tradesmen Providing Public Transport Service in Van

mask was distributed to the tradesmen who provide mass transportation services in van
mask was distributed to the tradesmen who provide mass transportation services in van

Van Metropolitan Municipality disinfected its vehicles by distributing masks to taxi minibuses and private public bus tradesmen who provide public transportation services in the city within the scope of coronavirus measures.

Conducting an effective fight against the coronavirus epidemic that affects the whole world, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities in every field without interruption. In this context, the Health Affairs Department and Transportation Department teams collaborated and distributed masks to commercial taxi, private public buses and minibus drivers in the city center. The teams also disinfected the vehicles by informing drivers against the use of masks and coronavirus.

Speaking about the work done, Adil Allahverdi, Head of Health Affairs Department, said that they had distributed 10 thousand masks to the driver tradesmen who provided public transportation service throughout the city, by the instructions of the Governor of Van and Mehmet Emin Bilmez, the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Adil Allahverdi stated that they also carried out spraying in taxis and vans where they distributed masks.

“With the coronavirus epidemic coming on the agenda, we are also taking an action and taking an effective fight against the epidemic by taking our precautions at the highest level. In this context, we are distributing around 10 thousand masks to our drivers who use public transportation, taxi, minibus and private public buses. Along with the mask distribution, we disinfect our public transportation vehicles. We want our citizens to continue to stay at home, and when they have to go out, they must follow the rules. Hopefully, our province and our country will return to normal by overcoming this epidemic as soon as possible. ”

Taxi Driver Zeki Fidan stated that they are satisfied with the work done for the tradesmen and the health of the citizens and said, “Metropolitan Municipality teams came to our stops and delivered masks to us. It also disinfected our vehicles. The work done for us to carry our citizens in a healthier and hygienic way is extremely important. We thank everyone who contributed, ”he said.

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