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Trucks are a kind of land transport fleet and are of various and different sizes. The use of trucks is often used for the transportation of heavier and more expensive goods. Since the size of the truck is very different, it is important for consumers to know the type, size and quantity of the goods to be sent in order to optimize the type of truck to be chosen.

When it comes to logistics partners, the selection of 3PL (Deliveree) partners is a challenge for Indonesian logistics companies. The rise of 3PL partner logistics preferences in major cities can confuse you and ultimately choose your business and lose it.

delivery trucks
delivery trucks

Following the easy steps below DelivereeIt is possible to order from:

1. Download Our Mobile App

Download our app on your smartphone.

2. Choose the Best Price for You

The price really determines the quality of goods delivery services. These expensive prices will not promise you exceptional service. I'm not talking about unexpected, very frustrating additional costs, right? Keep calm, we offer the most transparent affordable prices for you. When you need price information, you can use the Price Calculation feature on our website and share it with your family or colleagues. Our prices are affordable, but our services are no joke. It has been proven that we offer the most satisfying service for an exceptional shipping experience. Our pricing system is very dependent on the type of fleet you want to use and the distance from the pick-up location to the destination.

3. Wide Service Area

Deliveree serves all Java, Bali, Lombok islands and some parts of Sumatra both inside and outside the city. Other types of reservations are also available, such as bookings scheduled up to 2 weeks ago, all-day reservations and immediate ordering. About the shipping price? No need to ask, Deliveree's score guarantees very cheap shipping prices below the market average. Not sure? Now DelivereeCheck using the mail calculator of.

4. Business benefits

Visit our site for more business opportunities.

For small, medium and large companies, the advantages you can use when working with Deliveree as your logistics partner 3PL are:

No contract
Instant price in practice
Get corporate prices from large volume orders
Large fleet and many vehicle types
Only messages you need, pay only for what you order
Customer friendly cancellation policy
Free product insurance from Axa Indonesia
7/24 live help



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