Coronavirus Not Accepted as a Work Accident

Coronavirus Not Accepted as a Work Accident
Coronavirus Not Accepted as a Work Accident

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Legal Department prepared an evaluation report on the legal status of people suffering from coronavirus outbreaks.

In the report prepared, it was stated that there were various discussions about the legal status of people who were caught in coronavirus at work or outside the workplace, and information about the content of the law was shared, stating that the issue should be evaluated according to the scope of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510.

After the different legal opinions were put forward, it was also reported in the report that the Social Security Institution (SGK) clarified the issue with the Circular on Coronavirus (Covid-2020) No 12/19.

With the Circular of the Social Insurance Institution, the new type of Coronavirus, which affects the world and our country, underlines the following lines and expressions;

“According to the Circular, it was emphasized that Covit-19 virus is an infectious disease and that insured who are exposed to the epidemic and apply to healthcare providers should be authorized from the scope of the disease. In other words, Covid-19 was accepted as a disease, not a work accident or occupational disease. Regardless of whether there is an epidemic in the workplace or out of the workplace, no Covid-19 positive cases need to be reported to SSI as a work accident or occupational disease. ”

Provisioning requirement

At this point, it is useful to state that the report, which is stated to be the concept of “Provision”, also included an explanation of what Provision is.

Explaining that the provision is understood to be understood that the person who will benefit from the Social Security Institution health benefits within the scope of General Health Insurance is able to receive health benefits from the SSI (hospital, pharmacy, etc.), “Activating (activating a person through the institution's system in order to obtain a health provision). ) is called provisioning. When you make a query by choosing today's date in the place with the provision date, the page to be opened to the person will have health information. In the conclusion part, it is necessary to write the statement “The Contractor Can Get Provision”. In this case, it means that the person has health insurance and can benefit from it whenever desired. ” information was shared.

The information part of the report prepared by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Law Unit is given below.



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