How Coronavirus Affects Pregnant Women

How coronavirus affects pregnant women
How coronavirus affects pregnant women

Experts who state that their anxiety may increase with the effect of hormonal changes experienced by pregnant women in the pandemic process underline that the immune system should be kept strong during this process. Experts advise expectant mothers to continue their exercise and routine preparations.

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Psychiatry Specialist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Sinem Zeynep Metin shared important information for the mothers during the postnatal breastfeeding period and for the expectant mothers in the coronavirus process.

Anxiety Level of Pregnant Women is High

Stating that he frequently encountered anxious explanations in the pandemic process, especially for the elderly and individuals with chronic diseases, Assist. Assoc. Dr. Sinem Zeynep Metin said, “This kind of worrying explanations are of course made based on the data obtained as a result of large-scale statistics. Another group of high anxiety is pregnant. Obstetricians think that severe influenza attacks always pose a risk in pregnant women with weakened immunity and that caution should be taken since sufficient data on Covid-19 are not yet available. ”

No Infection Has Been Detected To Infants

Saying that the data from China, where coronavirus started, was not negative, Metin continued: “Scientists have reported that there are no limited complications in births, no infection in babies, no virus in breast milk. She states that the woman does not carry a greater risk than non-pregnant, and that the general recommendations applicable to the society are also valid for pregnant women. The basic drugs used in Covid-19 episodes, which have been mild, have been known for many years, and that pregnant women can use relatively safely. In the light of this information, we can actually keep our interior somewhat more spacious. ”

Anxious Mothers Should Be Treated Patiently

Noting that pregnancy is a period when emotions are intense, Metin said, “Hormonal changes, of course, trigger anxiety. In the mind of a pregnant woman, "Can I give birth in a healthy and timely manner, can I be treated if I catch the virus, will my baby be infected, can my baby be permanently damaged, can I breastfeed after childbirth?" Having such questions is highly understandable and acceptable. Father candidates and other children, if any, may be common to this anxiety, or may also find an exaggeration and anger at the pregnant woman. In this process, father candidates must be patient; Correct answers should be given to children's questions about the process. In the future, on healthy days with children, activities with siblings can be imagined, and siblings to be born can be included in fairy tales and stories. What can be experienced after birth can be described without exaggeration but in a realistic way. ”

Uncertainty Triggers Spiritual Defense

Asst. Assoc. Dr. Sinem Zeynep Metin said that facing an unknown situation and weakening the sense of control in the individual will trigger mental defense mechanisms. Metin continued his words as follows: “These defenses can be manifested as anxiety, increased cleaning obsessions, and immediate exhaustion of bodily symptoms. The human self needs these precautions, but it can turn into psychiatric pictures if its dose is missed. At this point, it is inevitable to resort to expert opinion. ”

Candidates Must Protect Their General Health

Metin pointed out that the expectant mothers should take basic precautions to protect their general health during the pregnancy and also during the pregnancy process. Apart from this, continuing to eat regularly, short walks by sticking to daily activities, simple exercises at home and not disturbing the sleep cycle are the main methods of protection. Relaxing breathing exercises, continuing working life as much as possible, continuation of enjoyable activities, and not being completely disconnected from social media can be counted among the main measures, provided that they benefit from reliable sources of information. ”

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