Working Life in the Shadow of Corona

Vital to work in corona shadow
Vital to work in corona shadow

The corona virus, which took place in Wuhan, China and has influenced the world since last December, brought many precautions to be taken. As people began to take personal precautions, avoid crowded and socializing environments with increasing cases, the ensuing official measures were not delayed. In this process, while many organizations, cafes, restaurants, night clubs, cinemas and theaters were closed, prayers performed in congregation in mosques were temporarily stopped with the decision of the ministry. Many institutions also switched from home to work to prevent the outbreak from spreading further. Coronavirus outbreak, all over the world and Official data of about 28 million jobs in Turkey where the employer also has become a major concern. Aim to evaluate the subject in detail EGİAD Aegean Young Businessmen Association organized a Webinar on “Measures Taken in Working Life” and hosted SGK Izmir Provincial Director Ekrem Gülcemal online for detailed information.

Attention to Socio-Economic Fluctuations

Making the opening speech EGİAD Stating that the effects of the disease on human health, the speed and severity of the disease have created a great pressure on the national health systems, Chairman of the Board of Directors said, “This pressure has been followed by a rare supply shock in the global economy. Accordingly, it is predicted that the current effects in the fields of production, supply chain and employment will become more complex in the medium term, causing serious socio-economic fluctuations on a global scale. Considering the roles of governments in social and economic life, we are going through extraordinary times when speed and agility in the public sector have the greatest impact on public health and the economy. In this sense, it is very important to follow the support packages and legal regulations implemented in our country. Undoubtedly, the most important of these is the regulations in the field of Social Security. ”

Turkey Successfully Passed Exam

SGK İzmir Provincial Director Ekrem Gülcemal emphasized that one of the most important issues in this process is the health and safety of employees in the public and private sectors. Gülcemal listed the measures taken by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services and the Social Security Institution item by item; application of minimum wage support, benefiting from short-time work allowance, extension of health reports of those with chronic diseases, postponing SSI premium payments of employers and 4 / b policy holders in sectors that may be covered by force majeure, starting to provide unemployment benefits or unpaid wage support to workers who do not receive unpaid leave, He pointed out that arrangements were made under many headings, such as the prohibition of the dismissal of workers for three months. SGK İzmir Provincial Director Ekrem Gülcemal emphasized that they have been providing services at an intense pace by making quick decisions since the beginning and noted that the execution payments, ipc notifications and control examination procedures are among the deferred topics. Sharing information that 142 applications can be made online via the state, SGK İzmir Provincial Director Ekrem Gülcemal said, “For the insured with a daily premium of 128 TL or less, 2.5 TL per day; In total, a minimum wage support of 75 TL per month will be provided. Apart from this, the medical reports of those with chronic diseases were extended. The lowest pension has been increased to 500 thousand TL. Feast bonuses were paid at the beginning of April. It is decided that workers from abroad will receive incapacity benefit during the quarantine period. Measures were taken for the supply of respiratory equipment supplied by SGK. ” Underlining that there is no problem in the supply of respiratory equipment, Gülcemal said, “We have 20 thousand respiratory equipment in the field. In this process, we did not have a device deficiency problem. The system tested itself in this process. In these days of world class remains in many countries, Turkey has passed the exam successfully, "he said.

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