Favorite of Corinth Canal Tourism Agencies

The favorite of Corinth Canal tourism agencies
The favorite of Corinth Canal tourism agencies

The finest part of the Corinthian Isthmus region was chosen to dig the canal. Its construction is between 1881 and 1893. Its length is about 6,3 km and connects Corinthian Gulf and Saronic Gulf.

The Greeks call it "unloading" through a joke, it is a really small water channel by modern standards: its length is 6.5 km, its width is 16.5 km and its depth is 8 meters. However, besides saving around 700 km around the Peloponnese, you do not need to climb to the hard-to-reach hills in the south. The canal provides a quick connection between the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, as well as shortening the road between the Adriatic Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

One of the features of the canal is the bridges that are available at two entrances and can be submerged by the motor power. Since the navigation technology was not developed during the years it was built, the 400 km sea route from the Peloponnese was very difficult and dangerous, and this channel's economic and security dimension increased considerably. With the advancement of navigation technology, this channel loses its importance day by day. It also supports this development at the following points:

  • The width of the channel is only for small-sized ships today.
  • The time gained thanks to powerful and fast ship engines makes the channel worthless.
  • The major maintenance and repair work of this 114-year-old channel cannot be performed properly due to financial problems.

The canal is very narrow for large cargo ships and therefore used for tourism. Although the channel usage fee is high, a total of 50 ships from 15.000 different countries pass through the channel every year. Departing from the port of Piraeus recently, the channel's expansion and deepening works are ongoing so that ferries can go to the popular islands of the Ionian Islands and Italy. There are three bridges for vehicles and trains in the strait near Ancient Corinth. There are two bridges that regulate the entrance and exit of the channel.

The canal, which is about 60 km from Athens, is a gateway station that millions of people visit every year. Visitors are taking pictures of magnificent steep cliffs, observing the blue of the water, and of course ... and enjoying the cult souvlak of the Bosphorus.


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