At the end of the Kızılırmak Street Overpass

Towards the end of the upper street in Kizilirmak Street
Towards the end of the upper street in Kizilirmak Street

70 percent of the pedestrian overpass construction, which Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to build on Kızılırmak Street, has been completed. The overpass is planned to be opened in June.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is building an overpass with escalators on Kızılırmak Street for the safe passage of pedestrians. Work on the pedestrian overpass, which has been started by the Directorate of Science Affairs, is continuing rapidly. The project, which started approximately 2 months ago, has come to an end. Construction structures were completed in the overpass, where the completion rate reached 70 percent. The assembly of mechanical attachments started. Two of the escalators were mounted on the overpass. If it is two elevators for disabled and elderly citizens, its assembly continues. The Kızılırmak Street overpass is planned to be put into service in June.


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