Keltepe Ski Center Prepares for the Winter Season

keltepe ski center is getting ready for winter season
keltepe ski center is getting ready for winter season

Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel examined the infrastructure and road expansion works initiated by the Provincial Special Administration teams on the road to Keltepe Ski Center and received information from the authorities.

Expressing that the material to be used in infrastructure and road expansion works was provided by the mobile crusher and the quarry located in the Brasslik District, Provincial Private Administration General Manager Mehmet Uzun gave information to the Governor Fuat Gürel about the works.

Governor Gürel, who is also conducting inspections at the Keltepe Ski Center Sub-Day Facilities, instructed the General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration Mehmet Uzun and the Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Coşkun Güven to prepare the feasibility reports by carrying out the necessary studies for the expansion of the parking lot, the construction of the toilets and masjids.

Governor Gürel, who made a short evaluation after the examinations; “We put the Keltepe Ski Center into service as day-to-day facilities in the past winter season, and it has been in great demand from the moment we put it into service. In terms of winter tourism, it showed the feature of being the newest facility in our region, we hosted guests from outside the province and from the surrounding cities. We will prepare the asphalt for the 4 km, 1.5 km in total, which we could not asphalt due to the walls we built in the village passes with the 5.5 km road we expanded last year. Our special management teams prepare the infrastructure of the road. When these things are done, we will make the asphalt of the road and put it into service.

I really care about this work that we carried out during these hard times. While fighting against the coronavirus epidemic with all our strength, we also follow our projects and work on them. We are a strong state, a strong nation. While we are fighting the epidemic on the one hand, we also follow the works to be done throughout our city. We do not only associate our Ski Center with winter tourism, but also how we can use it throughout the season. At the same time, we are planning measures to prevent the troubles that we experienced in the past season and reported by our citizens.

I would like to thank our Deputies who follow the investments to be made in our province before the Ministries, our institution managers and teams who carry out these works in the field, and the managers and employees of our Special Administration. I would also like to thank our deputies and managers who contributed to the construction of Keltepe Ski Center from the idea stage to this state. Hopefully, they will make good investments in our city in cooperation. kazanwe'll go." he said.

Governor Fuat Gürel accompanied the General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration Mehmet Uzun, and the Youth and Sports Provincial Director Coşkun Güven accompanied by the reviews conducted on the Keltepe Ski Center and on the road.

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