Kayseri Metropolitan Works for Healthy Transportation

Kayseri is a big city working for healthy transportation
Kayseri is a big city working for healthy transportation

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality disinfects commercial taxis as well as public transportation vehicles for a healthy transportation. Disinfection of approximately 800 taxis in Kayseri is carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality teams.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues its works in almost every field without slowing down to eliminate the coronavirus threat. Preventing a problem by producing the mask and disinfectant, which are the most important needs in the process of combating coronavirus, the Metropolitan Municipality uses the disinfectants produced in places that require public health.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which is also working hard to maintain the transportation in a healthier way, has started a new study in this context. Metropolitan Municipality carries out the disinfection process of all commercial taxis operating in Kayseri. Approximately 800 commercial taxis in Kayseri benefit from the works carried out in front of Kayseri World Trade Center.



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