80% of Kastamonu Cable Car Project Completed

% of kastamonu cable car project is completed
% of kastamonu cable car project is completed

Kastamonu Mayor Op. Dr. Rahmi Galip Vidinlioğlu, answering the questions of Istanmonu TV broadcast on Gönül Geography, answered the questions of İstamonu Editor-in-Chief Hüseyin Karadeniz, Vidinlioğlu said that the Cable Car Project is a dagger stuck on both sides of Kastamonu.

Stating that he thinks that the cable car project is wrong, Mayor Vidinlioğlu said, “If the cable car was in my time, I would not approach the T of the cable car. But we found it in the cable car run. I see the cable car as a dagger stuck on two sides of Kastamonu. If you can take the cable car up to the airport in Turkey Ilgaz time it puts our citizens from anywhere then it becomes meaningful. There is no point in coming from the castle to the tower. You come within 2 minutes on foot. Then the bird's eye view, you just look at the roofs, you don't see the city inside, it's right. Therefore, the cable car is not quite meaningful and its time is not suitable for texture. But an average of about 15 percent has been completed, but we all found a ropeway project with ropes and cabs. This also has an operating cost. There is no need to go into politics on this subject, with a project of 80 percent complete. The two sides of the city will come together. You will come from the castle and you will travel from the castle to the tower. On average, the amount paid so far is around 80 and a half, which is already given by 55 thousand by KUZKA. About 200 million payments were made by the municipality. There is a much more number that we need to pay back. ”


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