Kadıköy Ferry Boat is Renovated from Top to Top

kadikoy ferry port is being renewed
kadikoy ferry port is being renewed

Kadıköy-2 (New) Ferry Port is being renewed from top to bottom. Stating that they want to use the piers as a living and activity area, City lines AŞ General Manager Sinem Dedetaş announced that they will start renovation works at other piers.

İBB City Lines Inc., Kadıköy-2 He started renovation works at the Ferry Port. In order to prevent the transportation service from being interrupted, the curfew is announced on the days and at night, and the entire pier is overhauled from floor to ceiling.

“Piers are as important as the ferries”

Stating that the effort to bring the new pier to its passengers as soon as possible was carried out by experienced teams, Şehir Hatları A.Ş. Sinem Dedetaş, General Manager, said:

“While renewing our ferries we serve, we do not neglect our piers. Our piers are as important as the ferries. We do not only see the piers as places where passengers pass by. We think of it as clean, spacious, bright places where our passengers both breathe and feel good while going to their ferries and waiting for their ferry times. We are being renewed in such a way that both our passengers and our staff working on the piers are comfortable. ”

Other piers will also be renewed

Stating that other scaffolds will be overhauled, Dedetaş said, “In the coming days, using our scaffolds as a life and activity area is among our plans and goals. We also employed interior designers. The interior architect's hand will also be worth our scaffolding. ”

Refreshing from head to toe

Inherited as a problem Kadıköy-2 Suspended ceiling of the Ferry Port is being lowered. All waste and clean water, electrical installations, fire detectors, indoor-outdoor lighting, turnstiles, ticket shops, passenger information announcements and boards, internet infrastructure, cameras, pay phones, bank ATMs, kiosks are being renewed. The floor is being cleaned.

On the other hand, the renewal of the İstanbul Kitapçısı, located on the upper floor of the pier, by Kültür A.Ş.


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