Izmirians did not let go of the measure in transportation

Izmirians did not take the precaution
Izmirians did not take the precaution

According to the data of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate, in the week of May 11, the bus ride values ​​of the first two days increased by an average of 14 percent compared to the same period of the previous week. Emphasizing that the table is pleasing, the President Tunç Soyer, thanked the people of Izmir, gave the message "continue the precaution".

Struggling with the corona virus outbreak in Turkey has loosened some measures as of 11 Monday, May. Shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, shops, barbers, hairdressers and beauty centers; was opened with the condition of obeying the rules of hygiene and social distance. However, it was observed that the call made by the authorities, “Do not flock to the streets at once”, was largely followed in İzmir.

According to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate data, 402 thousand 809 boardings were made to all public transportation vehicles on Monday, when the “new normal” process started. This number was 345 thousand 780 on Monday last week. It was observed that the highest increase that made the difference of 57 thousand and 29 thousand ride was in full boarding with the number of approximately 42 thousand. Thus, the rate of boarding public transport on Monday increased by only 16 percent compared to the previous Monday. On Tuesday, May 12, the number of boarding passes increased by only 13 percent compared to the previous Tuesday. Thus, the average boarding increase in the first two days of the “new normal” week was 14 percent compared to the same period of the previous week.

Thanks from President Soyer

The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who stated that the people of Izmir acted responsibly and thanked him. Tunç SoyerHe emphasized that the precaution should not be abandoned until the effect of the virus is completely broken. Noting that the epidemic continues, President Soyer said, “Let's try not to leave the house unless it is necessary. If we are going out, let's make sure that it is not crowded. Let's comply with the hygiene and protection measures to the maximum extent," he said.

Use bicycles if possible

Suggesting to walk or use bicycles if possible instead of using public transportation, President Soyer said, “We also have efforts to increase and encourage bicycle use. We will announce soon. If we have to use public transportation, it is not during peak hours; Let's take care to leave between 10.00-16.00. Let's not go without a mask. ”

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