Mobile Maskematics Application Started in İzmir

Mobile maskematic application started in Izmir
Mobile maskematic application started in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started the mobile maskematic application in places where there is no subway, after the masculinics it placed in the metro stations to facilitate free access of the citizens to the medical mask. Mobile masematics can be installed anywhere.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which placed the masculine in the metro stations within the scope of combating the coronavirus epidemic, facilitated access to the mask in places where there is no metro with mobile maskematics. First of all, passengers from the mobile mascematic set up in the park next to Buca's Şirinyer İZBAN station can get the package containing 5 masks each by showing the İzmirim card. Izmir residents are satisfied with the application.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer reminded that there are masculmas in 19 points of the city and that the citizens reached sterile masks without paying this fee. Stating that they will further expand mobile mascemics, Soyer stated that Buca will be following mobile mascemates in two different points next week. Soyer said, “The beauty of this is that it can be used anywhere, even at the top of the mountain. It works with a generator where there is no electricity. We have reached the practicality that we can serve citizens everywhere. This is very precious. With this method we have found, we can easily deliver the mask to the citizen. We will continue. ”

“He found his worth before the citizen”

Noting that with this solution they found, citizens overcame their problems in reaching the mask from time to time, Soyer said: “Masks were both inaccessible and really expensive. When the citizen has to go out, he may have to wear two or three a day. I think our municipality has found the value of this service. I see that he found his return before the citizen and I am proud of it. I would like to thank all our friends who have made an effort. ”

Passengers are satisfied with the application

Saadet Karaçalı, one of the passengers who received a mask by showing his İzmirim card, said, “We were having trouble getting a mask. I also asked the municipality to distribute masks and gloves. It was very good. In this way, we will be very comfortable if we take our mask once a week ”.

Fikret Kara thanked the municipality for this service and asked for the application to be expanded throughout the city. Abdullah Alsaç, who uses mobile mascara, said, “It is a very good work. We thank our president, Tunç Soyer for being active in such a social event. We expect such studies from everyone. ” Abdullah Özhan said, “We had a hard time finding a mask before. We were going to the pharmacies, they didn't say it was not. I buy a mask once a week. It works for me very much. ”

Two mobile mascemas will be placed in Gaziemir and Çiğli in the coming days, where the people use it intensively. Until now, 19 million 1 thousand masks have been distributed from the masmathists in 800 points of İzmir.



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