Mask will be distributed for over 65 years old in Izmir, so where can we buy it?

another successful test from the domestic turbojet engine
another successful test from the domestic turbojet engine

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will distribute masks to citizens over the age of 65, who can go to the streets at the hours determined by the Ministry of Internal Affairs next Sunday.

Continuing to manufacture and distribute the mask to facilitate the access of people to the medical mask, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has not forgotten citizens over the age of 65. Metropolitan Municipality will meet the mask requirement of citizens over the age of 11.00, which the Ministry of the Interior has allowed to go out to the streets between 15.00 - 65 next Sunday.

Within the scope of coronavirus measures in the central districts of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, it will distribute masks both at 21 fixed points and mobile vehicles for citizens over 65 years old who will leave their homes for the first time since 30 March. 44 vehicles and 97 personnel will take part in the distribution.

To ensure hygiene conditions, the masks will be in the bag and there will be two masks in each bag. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will distribute 100 thousand masks in the first stage during the day and increase this number if needed.

Mask Distribution on Sunday

Big Park entrance in Bornova, Atatürk Park in Barboros District, Aşık Veysel Recreation Area, KarşıyakaEntrance to the Bazaar, Yalı Mahallesi Şehit İlyas Meşkül Park, Nergiz Mahallesi Nergiz Park, in front of Bostanlı Mosque, Bayraklıin Sevgi Yolu entrance, Onur Mahallesi opposite the mukhtar, Mansuroğlu Mahallesi 75. Yıl Park, Çiğli Station Butchers Square in Çiğli, Aydınlık Evler Mahallesi Fakir Baykurt Park, Evka 2 Neighborhood Sabiha Gökçen Nursery and Kindergarten Education Center Children's Park, Gaziemir. Square, Şirinyer Forbest Street in Buca, in front of Hasanağa Garden, İnönü District Gediz Love Road - In front of Gediz Taxi stop, Ufuk District Muharrem Okorter Park, Üçyol Uğur Mumcu Park in Karabağlar, in front of Peker District Muhtarlık, Kazım Karabekir District Doğan Emültay Sports Facilities Ç; Ocuk Metropolitan Park, Balçova Ata Street and Sakarya Caddesi corner, Ahmet Piriştina Square in Narlıdere, Zafertepe Mahallesi Eşrefpaşa Caddesi in front of the Büyük İhsaniye Mosque in Konak, Ferahlı District Kaynak Park, in front of the Lausanne Fair gate, Quarantine Square entrance and Güzelbahçe ' in front of the Night Market.

Metro stations in central districts of Izmir and Karşıyaka It is also possible to access the mask from the Maskematics on the ferry ports.



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