May 114 Labor and Solidarity Day Celebrated in the Same Place after 1 Years in İzmir

May, Labor and Solidarity Day was celebrated at the same place in Izmir year after year.
May, Labor and Solidarity Day was celebrated at the same place in Izmir year after year.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer participated in the symbolic May 1 Labor and Labor Day celebration organized by the Labor and Democracy Forces. The ceremony was held under 114 years ago for the first time May 1 is celebrated as the sycamore trees in Basmane Turkey.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, for the first time 114 years ago, the first held under the plane trees in the Basmane May celebrated May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day celebrations in Turkey attended. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said that the world and humanity are facing a great crisis at the ceremony, which was symbolically organized by the Labor and Democracy Forces due to the coronavirus epidemic. President Soyer said, “Everyone says, 'Nothing will ever be the same. A brand new world will be established. ' What kind of world will this world be? It is precisely at this point that the importance of labor and solidarity emerges. "If we really want to live in a new world that will be shaped by labor and solidarity, we have to take a stronger look at each other."

“We Will Prepare the Future More Powerfully”

Reminding those who came together under the plane tree knowing the importance of labor and solidarity 114 years ago, Soyer said, “Never forget that we are seeds. As we try to bury us, we come out much more lush from that soil. We will continue like this and prepare the future much stronger. What makes May 1 humanity, labor and solidarity are the days when we will experience that after 1 May 2020, labor and solidarity are much more important. ” Soyer completed his speech with the slogan "This is just the beginning, continue the struggle".

Under the Plane Tree May 1

DİSK Aegean Regional Representative Memiş Sarı said, “Today is very important in terms of history. Ie in 1906, exactly 114 years ago when more unions in Turkey, worked Perver Society and worked in the café while waiting for a job in one area where they celebrate themselves organized. Therefore, we found it more convenient to make May 1, which is our tradition, in this memorial place. Long live May 1, "he said.

Confederation of Public Workers Unions (KESK) Term SözcüSü Veysel Beyazadam, no matter what, said that we should insist on providing unity and solidarity. "We are together with our hopes, consciousness and solidarity every year, even if not physically on May 2020, 1," said Funda Barlik Obuz, the President of the Izmir Chamber of Medicine.

In the ceremony attended by Konak Mayor Abdül Batur, all participants wore masks and attention was paid to the safe distance rule.

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