Izmir residents at home at the weekend, İZBETON teams are on duty!

Izmir residents at home at the weekend IZBETON Teams Gorev Basinda
Izmir residents at home at the weekend IZBETON Teams Gorev Basinda

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will be on duty this weekend, where the curfew will be applied, with 19 teams for asphalt and road maintenance works. Asphalting will be done in main arteries such as Mürselpaşa, Yeşildere, Akçay, Mithatpaşa streets and Altınyol.

Within the scope of coronavirus measures, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will continue its efforts to strengthen the infrastructure of the city this weekend. İZBETON teams affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality will make asphalting and road maintenance works in 9 districts by taking advantage of the curfew.

Major Arteries are Renewed

During the epidemic process, where the traffic density is greatly reduced, the Metropolitan Municipality teams, which intensify asphalt paving, patchwork, parquet coating and repair works across the city, will work in the main arteries of the city at the weekend. Asphalt works will continue in Mürselpaşa, Yeşildere, Akçay and Mithatpaşa streets and Altınyol as part of efforts to increase the comfort and safety of Izmir residents.

Also Çiğli, Karşıyaka, Bornova, BayraklıIn Buca, Karabağlar, Menderes, Konak and Balçova, a total of 19 teams will perform maintenance work on roads with damaged asphalt.

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