İzmir Çamlık Steam Train Museum

izmir camlik steam train banana
izmir camlik steam train banana

Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum or Çamlık Railway Museum is an open-air railway museum located in Çamlık neighborhood in Selçuk district of Izmir. Turkey is the largest railway museum in the museum's collection is one of the largest in Europe Collections of the Steam Locomotive.

History of Çamlık Steam Train Museum

The museum is the oldest railway line in Turkey, which is part of the İzmir-Aydın on an old railway line was established near the Pine Grove neighborhood. The museum is very close to the famous Ephesus Ancient City. While the railway line from İzmir to Aydın was rearranged, some of the railway and Çamlık Train Station were closed for use. The station area closed for the museum was used. The preparation of the museum started in 1991 and was completed in 1997. The original railway line built in 1866 was used for the museum.

Land, buildings and locomotive collections are completely owned by TCDD, but Atilla Mislioglu has been managing the museum for 99 years. He is the son of a signal officer who previously worked at Çamlık Train Station.

Collection of Çamlık Steam Train Museum

There are 33 steam locomotives exhibited in the museum collection. 18 of them are located on my rotating platform. The manufacturing years of locomotives range from 1891 to 1951. The oldest locomotive was produced by British Stephenson. In the collection, Henschel (8), Maffei (2), Borsig (1), BMAG (2), MBA (1), Krupp (3), Humboldt (1) from Germany; NOHAB (2) from Sweden; ČKD (1) from Czechoslovakia; Stephenson (2), North British (1), Beyer Peacock (1) from the UK; USA from Lima Locomotive Works (1), ALCO (1), Vulcan Iron Works (1); and Creusot (1), Batignolles (1), Corpet-Louvet (2) locomotives from France. Visitors can climb to the locomotives to look at the plates that provide information about the technical details of the locomotives.

The locomotive number 45501, which is part of the Şark Express, which makes the Yarimburgaz Train Accident, is also on display in this museum. The accident occurred in 1957 as a result of a collision of two trains head-on, and 95 people died. This accident is an accident that most deaths in railway accidents in Turkey.

The museum also has 2 passenger wagons, 9 of which are wooden. The wagon used by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938) is exhibited in the museum and can be visited by visitors. There are also 7 freight wagons in the museum. In addition to this wagon collection, the facility includes a water tower used for railways and stations, a rotating platform, carriers and a crane. These add-ons can be visited by visitors.

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