Strict control from Izmir Metropolitan to shopping malls!

search results web results big control from city to malls
search results web results big control from city to malls

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has communicated the rules that should be followed gradually due to the coronavirus outbreak, which will be put into service gradually on May 11. The police teams of the Metropolitan Municipality will start inspections on May 11.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has notified the rules that must be followed by the shopping malls that will be opened on May 11 due to the gradual removal of the restrictions on combating the coronavirus outbreak. The circular prepared to protect the health of employees and customers was sent to the management of all shopping centers in the city, in line with the instructions of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer. Starting from Monday, the teams affiliated to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Police Department will start auditing at the shopping malls. Legal action will be initiated for those who do not obey the rules.

Revolving Doors and Elevators Will Not Be Used

According to the circular, fire measurements will be made at the entrances of the shopping malls and customers will be taken in after disinfection. Those who do not wear masks will not be taken inside. Starting from the entrance, safe distance stickers will be affixed to the ground. In the shopping centers, walking paths in the form of departure and arrival will be determined and warning signs will be placed for this. Information letters will be posted on the markets, shops and takeaway shops in the shopping malls, and audio information will be given about the virus.

Customers will be admitted to the stores, one person per 10 square meters. The clothes tested in the stores will be disinfected with UV rays and these clothes will be separated in such a way that they will not be tried by another customer for a while. Repair, maintenance, repair, replacement, return and tailoring will not be done within this period. At least two meters of distance will be left between customers at the cashier. Toilets, test booths, escalators, X-Ray devices and security doors will be constantly disinfected.

All employees in the mall will wear a mask, and security personnel will wear a visor. Cleaning staff will work in protective clothing. The staff working at the mall will eat at one table with one person sitting at each table. Revolving doors, elevators, dining floors and children's playgrounds will be kept closed.

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