Effective Combating Coronavirus at Workplaces

Effective fight with coronavirus in workplaces
Effective Combating Coronavirus at Workplaces

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services continues its efforts to ensure a healthy and safe working life in the COVID-19 process. Ministry, which is more than the risk of the outbreak of the sector can be seen from the first moment in Turkey preceded by, and continues to provide guidance to businesses considering differences.

Employers and employees are informed through various guidelines published by the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety. In this context, occupational safety specialists and workplace doctors continue their efforts to take necessary measures. OHS professionals also show superior effort and dedication to create a healthy and safe working environment in the fight against coronavirus.

Our Ministry, which entered into an intensive work process to prevent the risk that the new type coronavirus (COVID-19) emerging in Wuhan, China and the World Health Organization identified as an intercontinental epidemic in our country, will occur in our country, continues to take the necessary measures. .

The activities of developed countries, which successfully combat this process, are followed up-to-date. In this context, efforts have been made for many sectors before and from many developed countries in order to lead a healthy and safe business life.

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, which published all of the rules to be considered in all workplaces considering the ways of transmission of the new type coronavirus, mobilized more than 45 thousand workplace physicians and occupational safety specialists who are actively working in the field.

In order to inform the field correctly, he made sure that the studies were carried out in scientific communication with 14 academicians consisting of professors, associate professors and specialist physicians from the disciplines of public health, chest diseases, internal medicine and infectious diseases.

Prioritizing the areas where COVID-19 disease has a high risk of spread and interaction is high, “Cargo and Courier Transportation, Wholesale and Retail Marketing, Pharmacy, Banking, Construction Works, Bakery Product Manufacturing, Call Centers, Municipal Waste Collection Works, Fuel and LPG Storage Stations Guides, checklists and videos for the Works Carried out by the Security Officers, Oral and Dental Clinics, Hand Carry Works, Agricultural Sector, Mining Enterprises, Food Producing Enterprises and Base Metal Industry were prepared and made visible on various online platforms. In addition, the prepared guides were sent to all non-governmental organizations, especially worker confederations, employer confederations, civil servant confederations, chambers of craftsmen and craftsmen.

He prepared a website where employees can access correct information easily from a single source, and access accurate and reliable information quickly.

He took important steps to solve the problems regarding the production, supply and use of safe personal protective equipment to be used in the workplaces. Cooperation was made with all relevant institutions to ensure that personal protective equipment is a safe product by ensuring effective communication with all parties involved in the process, especially the Ministry of Health, which plays a leading role in the pandemic struggle.

It was conveyed that citizens can make their applications and transactions over the electronic system without going to the institution by providing the necessary information regarding the provision of all services provided in the electronic environment in order to prevent social mobility. The Ministry has also abandoned face-to-face education regarding the private education institutions that it has authorized, and published the legislative arrangement for the transition to distance education and ensured that necessary measures were taken during the epidemic.

Occupational health and safety services in our provinces, where intercity travel and curfews continue, were ensured by keeping exemptions on occupational health and safety services provided at workplaces.

He published a document containing detailed explanations under the heading “Frequently Asked Questions” in order to respond to all questions and problems specific to COVID-19.

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