554 thousand 170 medical masks were seized in Istanbul

A thousand medical masks were seized in Istanbul
A thousand medical masks were seized in Istanbul

In two consecutive operations carried out in Istanbul by the Ministry of Trade, Customs Enforcement teams, 3,5 thousand 554 medical masks worth 170 million lira were seized.

In the first operation carried out by the Istanbul Airport Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate, shipments at the Istanbul Airport international cargo processing center were scrutinized. The boxes, which were considered as risky in the examination, were sent to the x-ray scanning device. On the X-ray screening, the density difference is found in the pillows in the boxes opened; A total of 79 protective medical masks, 8 thousand disposable and 500 filters, were seized.

The Customs Enforcement teams, which deepened the investigation after the arrest, were retrospectively traced of the seized item. The loading address of the item was determined and the button was pressed for the second operation.

In the search made at the suspicious address; A total of 212 thousand 441 medical masks in 480 parcels, including 23 thousand 19 disposable in 450 parcels, 8 thousand 5 filter in 740 parcels, and 243 thousand 466 nano fabrics in 670 parcels, and 2 vacuum devices used in packaging these masks were seized.

A total of 3 thousand 500 medical masks and products worth approximately 554 million 170 thousand liras were seized in both operations, while two people found to be involved in the incident were detained.

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