ISPARK Case Rejected at Istanbul Bus Station!

Ispark case was rejected at Istanbul Bus Terminal
Ispark case was rejected at Istanbul Bus Terminal

The former operators of the Great Istanbul Otagarı, the parking lots at the bus station, İSPARK A.Ş. The lawsuit filed against the decision of the IMM Assembly to be operated by the court was rejected unanimously by the court.

The contract of Avrasya Terminal Operations (AVTER), which operates the parking lots of the Grand Istanbul Otagarı for 25 years, ended on May 4, 2019. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Council decided to hand over the operation of bus station parking lots to İSPARK AŞ in its session on 11 July 2019.


The request of the International Thrace and Anatolian Buses Association and the Eurasia Terminal Operations Inc., which brought the decision of the IMM Assembly to the court, came back from the Istanbul 9th ​​Administrative Court. In its unanimous decision on January 31, 2020, the Administrative Court ruled that the 1994-year contract period of the bus station, which was contracted in 25, expired and the decision of the IMM Assembly was in accordance with the law and the principle of public interest. The decision also included the following statements:

“As of the day following the notification of the decision, the 733.50 TL, which is the expense of trial, is left on the plaintiffs; Within 2 days, a decision was taken unanimously on 500, with an appeal to the Istanbul Regional Administrative Court. ”


In 1987, it was decided by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality committee to build a bus station on the 230-decare municipal land in Bayrampaşa. The bus station, which was built with the build-operate-transfer model, was operated by the organization that built it for 5 years after it was put into service on May 1994, 25. Although this period expired on May 5, 2019, the relevant administration continued its operation at the bus station. The request of the International Anatolian and Thrace Bus Drivers' Association regarding the extension of time, was elected as the President of IMM with the 23 June 2019 elections. Ekrem İmamoğlu It was rejected by the company, saying "We will open the bus station to the service of science and technology". The IMM Assembly, which convened on July 11 under the chairmanship of Imamoglu, decided to transfer the operating rights of the car parks at the bus station to ISPARK AS for 5 years. The International Thrace and Anatolian Bus Drivers Association and Eurasia Terminal Operations Anonim Şirketi also filed a lawsuit against IMM regarding the annulment of this decision. The transfer process has been extended due to the court decisions given upon the objections of the bus station operators against the decision.


After the court's annulment of the interim injunction, on July 8, 2019, the management of the car parks at the bus station, İSPARK AŞ. taken over by In the car parks, where extensive maintenance, repair and cleaning work was carried out, 1-hour parking service was made free of charge. IMM, which took over all the operating rights of the bus station on September 9, 2019, opened a tender for the leasing of commercial enterprises. The right to operate the tender, which was broadcast live, on December 25, 2109, with an annual price of 27 million TL and for three years, is granted to İBB Subsidiary Boğaziçi Yönetim AŞ. kazanwas.

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