The Forest Area Wanted to Be Occupied in Mersin Became 'Memorial Forest for Idlib Martyrs'

idlib sehts became a souvenir forest in the wooded area to be occupied in Mersin.
idlib sehts became a souvenir forest in the wooded area to be occupied in Mersin.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli said that more than 10 thousand trees of various types were planted in the forest area destroyed by illegal cutting in Mersin in the past months and this area was registered as “Idlib Martyrs Memorial Forest”.

Minister Pakdemirli stated that on 22.12.2019, a criminal record was imposed on the suspects who made an improper tree cut for occupation and rent in 74 decares of forest in Mersin's old Mezitli Mahallesi location and the matter was submitted to the judiciary.

Expressing that the court made confiscation orders about the persons, including those who made illegal cuts and their relatives, Pakdemirli emphasized that these decisions are important in terms of preventing the occupation of forest areas.


Explaining that the General Directorate of Forestry is working on reforesting the destroyed area, Pakdemirli said:

“With the 74 decares area destroyed by cutting trees, the land area adjacent to this area (in the old Mezitli area) was also executed, and a total of 146 decares of machine land was prepared by protecting it by conducting wire-cut, red pine, blue cypress. A total of 10.100 saplings were planted, consisting of black cypress, acacia, ash, maple, laurel, willow, eucalyptus, carob and ahlat species.

Re-forest the destroyed areas kazanWe registered the name of this place as 'Idlib Martyrs' Memorial Forest' in order to commemorate our martyrs.”


Minister Pakdemirli stated that as the Forestry Organization, they tightened their protection activities to prevent illegal tree cutting, and that they would not allow any rent-based action with the support of all segments of the society.

Pakdemirli also thanked the public administrators, non-governmental organizations and citizens who showed sensitivity in order to ensure the continuity of the future-guaranteed forests.

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