Transportation Warning from IMM for May 11! Prefer Walking Or Cycling

ibb warned for transportation to may
ibb warned for transportation to may

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, warned about the normalization that will start on Monday, May 11. IMM announced that they are expecting a significant increase in the use of private vehicles in Istanbul, but more importantly in public transportation, as many businesses will be operational again.

The IMM's statement is as follows;

As IMM, we are warning about the normalization that will start on Monday. Transportation difficulties may occur on Monday, May 11, as you have outstanding restrictions on public transport. We recommend our citizens to stay at home and continue working from home as much as possible.

On Monday, May 11, 2020, we expect a significant increase in the use of private cars, but more importantly in public transport, as many businesses will be operational again.

As an important example; There was 11 million 8 thousand passes in public transport on Friday, May 1, before the release that started on May 336th. Thus, the most frequent public transportation day in Istanbul since March 20 was the last Friday.

It has been explained by scientists that the epidemic has spread rapidly and easily in public transportation vehicles. We anticipate that the use of public transportation will increase much more with the new freings to be launched on Monday, May 11, and we would like to inform our valued people with the following important topics:

  1. The epidemic still continues, please do not leave the house unless it is mandatory
  2. If possible instead of using public transport prefer to walk or bike.
  3. If you have to use public transport, Use public transport before 10:00 in the evening and not before 16:00 in the evening.
  4. Protect your physical distance at least 1-2 meters at bus stops, metro stations
  5. It is forbidden to ride public transport without a mask. Also, be careful not to touch the surfaces, stair railings, handles in public transport.
  6. Please put the masks and gloves you use into the garbage bags. Do not put your hands on your face and wash your hands after using public transportation.

Dear Istanbulites;

Dear Health by our Minister stated that the center of the outbreak in Turkey's Istanbul and underlined that the most patient and experienced in Istanbul's death.

IMM Science Committee, He stated that the release to start on 11 May is an early opening. However, no new regulations on public transport were introduced while normalization steps were taken. So normalization begins on May 11, but the extraordinary regulations in public transport rules continue.

As known, Only half as many passengers can be taken to buses and subways, and half as many passengers are transported as standing. This 100 person about a bus 25 people, 1600 person of a subway 300 people means it can carry.

We will have to wait for some of our passengers at the stops on Monday, as the practice of combating strict Pandemic continues. Please wait patiently until our new and empty vehicle arrives.

We would like to mention that, All public transportation services in Istanbul will operate at 11 percent capacity on Monday, May 100. However, it is obvious that there will be problems due to restrictions in passenger transportation. With the new arrangement, it was decided that commercial taxis will take 3 passengers. This means that; 2 people, including the driver, can travel on the 4 square meter area. However, such a release has not yet started in public transport.

On this occasion, Monday and beyond Some of our valued passengers may experience victimization for reasons that we do not have in public transportation. We would like to point out to our precious people that the danger of epidemics continues and Please stay at home as much as possible and protect your health.

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