IBB Scientific Board Warns: Early To Open Shopping Centers and Start Leagues

ibb science committee warned early to open shopping malls and start leagues
ibb science committee warned early to open shopping malls and start leagues

The 'IBB COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Board' found the decision to open shopping malls, hairdressers and barbers and start the football league early, worrying about the health of employees, athletes and our people. The Board recommended that the working hours of institutions and organizations should be shifted so as not to overlap in public transportation.

Stating in the previous report, what are the scientific criteria for the opening process to start and that the opening should start when these criteria are met, the Scientific Committee suggested that it should be gradually proposed and left the normalization steps after the feast.

Noting that the decrease in the number of cases is not yet the desired decrease, the Scientific Committee made the following determination: “Therefore, an early relief may cause the epidemic to escalate again. The examples of countries experiencing the negative consequences of early opening are lessons for us. In addition, there is a need for detailed analysis of the distribution of the cases by districts, age, gender and occupation and to plan different local measures specific to our province. "

“Health needs to be prioritized”

Pointing out that economic losses are alarming, the Board said, “In the steps taken for the revival of the economy, scientific requirements should be taken into consideration and health should be prioritized. As the IBB Covid-19 Scientific Advisory Board, we find the decision to open Shopping Centers (AVM), hairdressers and barbers and start the football league early, and we are concerned about the health of employees, athletes and our people here. ”

The board listed their recommendations as follows:

“Virus Risk in Shopping Malls

Opening shopping malls may cause a congestion. This will create an obstacle to maintaining physical distance.

Shopping malls are mostly closed areas. Due to the ventilation systems, viruses in droplets contain the risk of circulation at long distances in a closed environment.

The indoor environment in shopping malls also poses a great risk for customers.

For this reason, shopping malls can be delayed for a while, if it cannot be delayed for various reasons, it is preferred to use non-busy hours, not to wear masks, not to use clothing trial rooms, not to enter the toilets as much as possible, to wash hands for at least 20 seconds after each contact with the products and environment on sale, water and we recommend using hand antiseptics when soap is not available. ”

Go to the barber, hairdresser with your own towel

Our suggestion for those who will go to barbers / beauty salons / hairdressers is to closely observe and demand compliance with the circular in these workplaces. Everyone should go to the hairdresser with their own special towel, cover, comb and brush, request disposable or disinfected material, and make sure that both he and the employees wear a mask during service.

Early To Start Leagues

Although the decision to start worrying spectators leagues in Turkey Football Federation. 22 football players, 4 referees and ball collectors will land on the field. Football is a contact sport by nature. In the excitement of the match and in rapid movement, it is not possible to maintain physical distance. For this reason, we would like to remind the Football Federation that the start of leagues is still early and that the health of athletes and sports workers should be prioritized.

Differentiate Working Hours of Institutions

Even in the closing period with the existing public transportation vehicles in Istanbul, 1 million trips were made daily. With the opening, it is predicted that this number will increase in time and even the pre-epidemic concentrations will be reached. Considering the density and vehicle capacities of public transportation vehicles serving in Istanbul, it is also seen that it will not be possible to maintain physical distance in both vehicles and stations, stops and piers after opening. Regular cleaning and disinfection of public transportation vehicles by İBB, control of the use of masks, keeping antiseptics at the entrance and exit, increasing the number and frequency of vehicles as much as possible. A number of measures will be taken from the beginning of the outbreak. However, it is clear that the effect of these measures will decrease if the number of passengers increases.

Demand management practices are necessary and inevitable in order to meet the travel demands expected to increase in healthier conditions and to use their carrying capacities more efficiently. For this purpose, it is recommended to shift the working hours of various institutions and enterprises so as not to overlap with each other in order to distribute the high demand in the morning and evening peak hours to the times when the public transportation vehicles are relatively empty. In addition, the allocation of one lane on public roads only on public roads during peak hours and strict control of this application will increase public transportation capacities and play an effective role in maintaining physical distance. ”

We Should Not Be Early Early

In the conclusion part of the explanation, the Scientific Committee made the following call, recommending not to be compromised:

“This stage we have reached in the fight against the epidemic is the result of staying at home for a long time and meticulously following the rules. kazanWe should not fall into complacency early in order not to lose hopes. We would like to emphasize that the opening should be carried out gradually, starting with the least risky one, with a scientific risk assessment, and meticulously following the effect of each opening at 2-3 week intervals.”

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