IMM Scientific Committee: 'Let Normalization Steps Be Long After the Bayram'

ibb science committee normalization steps remain after the feast
ibb science committee normalization steps remain after the feast

The IBB COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Board met on Sunday, May 3. Following the meeting, opinions and suggestions regarding the necessity of gradually curfew application for Istanbul covering Ramadan and before were announced. In a statement, Turkey, Covidien-19 indicating that point to a critical phase regarding the pandemic, "Deferred social needs of an uncontrolled contact with the conversion and considering the possibility of losing the party balance, it would be appropriate to postpone until after the Feast of all normalization steps" testimony was given.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Covidien-19 Scientific Advisory Board gathered on Sunday May 3rd, Turkey Covidien-19 reviewed the process reached regarding the pandemic. After the meeting, opinions and suggestions regarding the need to apply a gradual curfew to Istanbul including Ramadan and before were shared.

It was stated that the critical stage of COVID-19 Pandemic has reached, and the outbreak's tendency to increase has decreased and there is a balance between sick and healed cases. The following statements were made in the continuation of the announcement, which was stated to be the main difficult period in the next one month period:


“The plateau provided was achieved as a result of our people's compliance with the restriction directives carried out. This goodness should not bring relief or temporary relaxation in measures.

In the report prepared by the IMM Scientific Advisory Board, the transition period in the restrictions was defined in phases and what kind of transition process was required was detailed. This report is presented separately.

Restriction measures, which our people have largely complied with, have resulted in many plans, needs and social contact delays to the future. One aspect of this procrastination is a method of coping with the difficulty of restriction, an adaptation effort. It should be remembered that deferred needs also pose a serious risk of contact. It will be extremely important to strengthen the habit in this period when our people get used to physical distance life. In this respect, normalization steps should be taken very carefully, epidemic and health facts should be prioritized in all steps, and concerns about the social future should be prioritized, and relaxation steps towards economic imperatives should be postponed.

It is the opinion of the Scientific Advisory Board of the IMM that it will be appropriate to postpone all normalization steps after the Feast, considering the possibility of turning postponed social needs into an uncontrolled contact and losing the balance in the outbreak.


In situations where uncertainty is high or the future is unpredictable, it is possible to see social anxiety and behaviors that will force existing rules to deal with this uncertainty. It should not be forgotten that the restrictions to be applied in the festive period will delay, if the calendar is uncertain, risky behaviors will increase, the spread of false information, believing inaccurate information, and the restriction criteria should be explained in a way that does not include uncertainty.


In this respect, a curfew must be announced quickly, covering 16 to 26 days, covering the dates 2020-7 May 4. We would like to announce the implementation of the measures and steps described below to the authorized institutions and the public within the framework of the restriction measures we recommend.

1. First of all, it is necessary to make a 23-day curfew restriction, including the eve day, during the Ramadan Bayram between 26-2020 May 4.

2. It is recommended to apply an additional curfew and declare this application as soon as possible, except for mandatory business lines, with defined time intervals that will meet the needs for 16 days, including the dates of 22-7 May, before the feast.

3. Regarding the restriction application, which will last for a total of 11 days:

  • a. 4 days curfew restriction announcement should be made especially early during the festive period, when this announcement is delayed, our citizens may experience a mobility towards festive preparation,
  • b. One of the most socially and economically active periods in our country is the weeks before religious holidays. Mobility that will lead to increased physical contact can be extremely dangerous during this period. For this reason, the restriction decision should not be limited to the festive period and should especially cover the previous one,
  • c. It is appropriate to increase the warnings, to apply administrative measures when necessary, to use institutions and visual / written sources, especially the media, in order to minimize the behaviors such as shopping or social contact, which are not compulsory for the feast period and mostly for cultural habits,
  • D. The validity of the scope stated in the title of “persons to be covered by the exception” defined in the same text as the “open workplace, business and institutions” in the decision of the Istanbul Provincial Hygiene Council dated 29.04.2020 and numbered 30,

4. In addition to the scope of exceptional persons in the decision of the Istanbul Provincial Hygiene Council, dated 29.04.2020, number 30, it will be two or three hours a day (market, bakery, etc.) when there is a full restriction for other age groups, especially in order to reduce muscle and bone loss for people aged 65 and over. Provided that they are not available in markets etc.) mobilization is recommended.

5. The initiation of the plans for all these restriction decisions as soon as possible will enable our people to be more comfortable during the restriction, not to have difficulties, to meet their needs and to provide an important advantage in the fight against the epidemic.

6. We would like to emphasize once again that any step to increase mobility in the pre-era period may have serious consequences and should be avoided. ”

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