ITU Rover Team, which Unmanned Ground Vehicle Design Degree Brought with Turkey

iTune rover team with which he designed brought turkiyeye degree of Unmanned Ground Vehicle
iTune rover team with which he designed brought turkiyeye degree of Unmanned Ground Vehicle

With its unmanned ground vehicle, the ITU Rover Team came in 36rd among 3 teams in the University Rover Challenge competition organized by the Mars Society in the United States.

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Rover Team, which continues its studies on planetary exploration robots, represented our country at the University Rover Challenge with their newly designed 4th generation Rovers. kazanwas. In the competition, where a total of 93 teams from many countries applied and 36 teams made it to the finals as a result of the eliminations, the ITU Rover Team got 92,78 points from the juries with the unmanned land vehicle they designed under the sponsorship of AXA Sigorta. With this result, the team shared third place with Czestochowa University of Technology, (Poland) BRAC University and Missouri University of Science and Technology (USA).

ITU Rover Team, with the acceptance of the final stage of the competition in 2017, has the right to participate from our country. kazanmoment was the first team. Continuing this success in the following years, the ITU Rover Team became the first Turkish Team to achieve the 3rd place in this year's competition.

The contest was held under the sponsorship of Nasa

In the competition held for the 14th time this year and sponsored by Mars Society and NASA, university students competed for the first place by competing with the rovers they designed. The aim of the contest involves producing a rover that enables astronauts to carry out tasks such as carrying weight outside, taking soil samples, using a wrench and screwdriver, and inserting and removing chips from the panel.

ITU Rover Team

Representing Turkey in many competitions before, the ITU Rover Team was established in 2016 within the Robotics Club. The right to participate in the University Rover Challenge, the most prestigious rover competition in the world, held in Utah, USA in 2017. kazanThe moment became the first Turkish team. The team, which ranked 13th in the URC with their first vehicle, received the Science Special Award, which was given for the first time in the history of the competition, in the same competition with their new vehicles in 2018. kazanwas. In the European Rover Challenge (ERC), which they participated in September of the same year, the ITU Rover Team ranked 12th.


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