What is Gölbaşı Adıyaman Kahta High Speed ​​Train Project?

golbasi adiyaman kahta fast train project
golbasi adiyaman kahta fast train project

AKP Adıyaman deputy Ahmet Aydın said that all necessary work has been done to speed up the railway underpass in Gölbaşı district and that the Gölbaşı-Adıyaman-Kahta High Speed ​​Train project, which is still under construction, will have both passenger and load carrying capacity.

Deputy Aydın said, “We paid a visit to our fellow countryman, Mr. Metin Akbaş, who was appointed as the Deputy Director General of TCDD. With the stage reached in our Gölbaşı-Adıyaman-Kahta High Speed ​​Train project, we evaluated the issue of accelerating the railway underpass to be built in our Gölbaşı district. Gölbaşı-Adıyaman-Kahta High Speed ​​​​Train line, whose survey-project construction is ongoing, is 100 km long and will have the capacity to carry both passengers and cargo in a conventional way. Such a big and historical investment in our city. kazanWe closely follow all the ongoing processes. Adıyaman will have a great service in the field of transportation with the high-speed train that will go from Gölbaşı district to Kahta district.

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