Hicaz Railway Valley Utalyi Train Station

Hicaz Railway Valley Utalyi Train Station
Hicaz Railway Valley Utalyi Train Station

It is the first station immediately after the main Tabuk station in the direction of Medina Al-Münevvere. Tabuk station is 28 km away. It is the longest distance station between stations. For safety reasons, it is striking that the distances between previous stations are kept close to each other. The station consists of a single building with two floors and a flat roof. There are rooms on the left and right sides of the station. On the left side of the entrance of the station, there is a stone staircase that connects the ground floor to the upper floor. There are also two rooms built on the back of the station.

Unlike other stations, a new design stands out here. As a matter of fact, unlike the other arches, it is seen that the front porch consists of three arches instead of the four arches. Likewise, it was observed that the side lower windows were kept narrow. From this, it is understood that the windows have a defensive feature and they perform defensive as well as their main duties.

When it comes to the current state of the building, it is understood that the interior of the building, in particular, has been heavily destroyed. It is understood that some people made pits inside the rooms with the idea that the Ottomans buried gold or other valuable items here. It is seen that the staircase inside the station also collapsed.



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