Hicaz Railway Zümred Train Station

hicaz railroad zumred train station
hicaz railroad zumred train station

Built in 1909 (Hijri 1327), this station is located 20 km southeast of Sehl El-Matran and 15 km from Sehl El-Matran station. This station is similar in appearance to other stations, but the windows in the front are smaller.

Although the style of the building is different, this station consists of two floors, like many other stations. However, all stations have an inner courtyard and there are similar rooms facing this courtyard. It is remarkable that the number of rooms on the upper floor is less and located on the back of the building. The ground floor and the upper floor connect the stairs made of stone. In addition, iron stairs were placed on the interior walls of the building to reach the front roof more quickly.



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