Hicaz Railway Tabuk Train Station

Tabuk train station
Tabuk train station

Tabuk station was built in 1906 (Hijri 1324). 31. This station is one of the most important and largest stations on the Hicaz Railway line. The interest in this station stems from the importance of this city. Tabuk train station is the largest station after the border with Jordan.

Numerous buildings at the station show the importance of this place. There are thirteen buildings used for various purposes here. At the head of these buildings is the main building of the station, which consists of two floors and its roofs are inclined in two directions, with a double water tank and a wind panel for drawing water. There is a single storey building with a four-arched portico in front, with the same design as the previous five stations and a flat roof. At the edge of the station is the train maintenance and repair building, which has two wide doors built for the passages of the trains that need to be maintained and small holes for the smoke from the trains, with a two-sloped roof. Next to it is a small building with a storey and a large water pond in the shape of a circle. Next to it is another small building. In the middle part, there are three buildings consisting of two floors. These buildings seem to be similar in design and their roofs are inclined in two directions. There are also several other warehouses.

Entries to this recently renovated station have been banned and surrounded by an iron fence. Restoration of this station is also considered, as some stations such as Madaen Saleh and Medina El-Münevvere stations were restored and converted into a museum. Contrary to what we have seen at the other five stations, the buildings here are in good condition.

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