We Should Protect the Aviation Industry

we should get out of the aviation industry
we should get out of the aviation industry

Stating that the developments in the aviation industry negatively affect exports, Eskişehir OSB President Nadir Küpeli said, “The developments in the world civil aviation industry started to affect our export, the aviation industry, which is the eye of Eskişehir industry. Defense and aerospace industry, Turkey's exports in January-April compared to the same period of the previous year 168 million dollars, 35 million dollars of Eskişehir fell, "he said.

Nadir Küpeli, Chairman of the Board of Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOSB), stated that after the Covid-19 outbreak, they started to see the reflection of the developments in the aviation industry and aircraft engine sector in the world on 2020 aviation and defense industry exports.

President Küpeli listed the recent developments in the world aviation industry and said, “The USA aviation industry is going through a very serious period. Aircraft production has been slowed down considerably due to the problem with a model of Boeing, the world's largest aircraft manufacturer. The software and approval issue of these planes still could not be solved. All of these model planes, manufactured in the US factory and owned by airlines, have been waiting on the ground for months. Since there was no new demand for this best-selling plane model, they naturally started to have difficulties in companies producing engines for these planes. After the virus epidemic, almost airline transportation came to a halt all over the world, except for cargo planes. Currently, a total of 27 thousand passenger aircraft in the world are waiting in most places, and the sale of new aircraft and engines has declined significantly. Manufacturers inevitably take a break from production. The fact that airlines stop orders has left engine manufacturers such as aircraft manufacturers and thousands of subsidiary companies connected to them in a difficult situation. General Electric firm of USA has decided to separate its ways with one of every 4 employees. GE's CEO stated that this downsizing will not be temporary, but unfortunately permanent. Again, the US Pratt & Whithey aircraft engine manufacturer shrinks by 10 percent. British engine manufacturer Rolls Royce, on the other hand, decided to separate its roads with 23 employees from 8 employees in the UK. These are the decisions that concern us and especially our aviation industry in Eskişehir. The world civil aviation industry is heading towards a serious shrinkage. ”

It will affect firms producing civil aviation

President Küpeli, President of Defense Industry Dr. Stating that İsmail Demir also touched on the developments in the sector, he said, Dr. Ismail said in a statement it has made to reporters in recent days ferrous now, defense and aerospace fields of aviation title of the affected lot from this process that this enabled the company also will affect engaged in the production of civil aviation in Turkey, together with the entire world stressing that it would effect there, "he said.

Aviation industry is the eye of Eskişehir

"The aviation industry is one of our and our country's favorite sectors," said President Küpeli. You know Eskişehir is the most important aviation industry center of our country. Let's not forget that one of both planes we fly today is a piece produced in industrial facilities in Eskişehir. Our aviation industry is the 4th largest sector in our provincial industry, where the most labor force is employed after the white goods, food, metal and automotive subsidiary industries. Aviation industry is one of the pupils of our country and our country. In addition to manufacturing to our domestic defense industry, many main and sub-industry companies in Eskişehir produce many critical aircraft engines and aircraft parts for the main and large sub-industry companies in the world market. Our companies operate in an integrated manner with the major manufacturers in the world. ”

Our aviation industry exports started to decrease

Stating that the export figures of the aviation industry decreased, Küpeli continued his words as follows:

"Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), we examine the figures released by exports, which are important in terms of Eskisehir defense and aerospace sector due to the contraction in the market seen a decline in our exports. thymine January-according to April period data, Turkey's Defense and Aerospace industry exports in 2019, while 811 million dollars in 2020, 643 million was dollars, Eskişehir exports to 2019 million dollars in 147 stood at 2020 million dollars in 112. According to these figures, we see that our country's exports in this sector decreased by 168 million dollars and Eskişehir by 35 million dollars compared to the same period of the previous year. Especially the recent developments in the civil aircraft market have started to affect us. As it is known, aviation industry is different from other sectors, you need to manufacture very precisely with a trained and well-equipped workforce to achieve a very high technology, very high quality and standard. For this reason, in such difficult times, you need to protect the trained employment in the sector, and the production and export should be sustainable without disruption. Let's not forget that our companies contribute to the financing of many domestic projects with their income from exports. After the Covid-19 outbreak, we see that the world is in an effort to quickly return to the new normal in the economy. Hopefully, in the aviation sector, a return to normal is provided in a short time, we will have undergone this process without being affected much and our export figures will return to their former pace. ”


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