Second Branch in People's Grocery Opened to Gültepe

the second branch at the grocery store opened
the second branch at the grocery store opened

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality opened the second branch of Halkın Bakkalı, which was put into service in Kemeraltı Bazaar, in Gültepe District of Konak. President Tunç Soyer at the opening, which was attended by very few people due to coronavirus measures: “We have a very basic purpose. To deliver the products produced by the manufacturer in the shortest way, in the cheapest way and without intermediaries ”.

Halkın Bakkalı, one of the promises of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer in the campaign process, started to serve with its second branch. The second branch of Halkın Bakkalı was put into service in Millet Mahallesi in Konak's Gültepe District.

Mayor Tunç Soyer said at the opening held with the participation of very few people due to coronavirus precautions and considering safe distance rules: But we call it Gültepe with Love. We will carry Gültepe to different places with you. ”

Saying that the people opened the first of Bakkalı 10 years ago in Seferihisar, Soyer said, “Then we opened it in İzmir Kemeraltı. Now we are commissioning in Gültepe. We also digitized People's Grocery. We will spread the People's Grocery all over İzmir. We have a very basic purpose. Delivering the products produced by the manufacturer in the shortest way and in the cheapest way without intermediaries. Bringing reliable, healthy food together with citizens from Izmir. Thus, we want to support the small producer and protect the citizen. We are trying to do this. ”

At the opening ceremony of Haltın Bakkalı Gültepe branch, Mayor Soyer and Konak Mayor Abdül Batur cut the ribbon together. The two presidents later visited the People's Grocery and shop. Within the scope of the opening of the People's Bakkalı Gültepe branch, Kınık Yayakent Agricultural Development Cooperative distributed fresh onions and garlic to the public.

What is People's Grocery?

The People's Grocery, launched by the Metropolitan Mayor of Izmir, Tunç Soyer with the vision of “Another agriculture is possible”, aims that the cooperatives can market their products and that consumers can access healthy and reliable food.

Izmir, especially producers' cooperatives products anywhere in Turkey, will be sold in the grocery store as unmediated public. Within the framework of President Soyer's policy of lowering meat prices by supporting animal husbandry, the meat department in Halkın Bakkalı's Gültepe branch aims to meet the cheap meat needs of the neighborhood.

It became the address of solidarity

It was the most important address of Izmir solidarity in the fight against people's Grocery coronavirus epidemic. He said "We Are" to the solidarity campaign launched with the call of President Soyer not only from Izmir but also from other cities. Citizens have bought 18 thousand first food packages, 13 thousand second packages and 225 thousand iftar meals from Halkın Bakkalı's website.



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