Who is Fuat Zincirkıran?

tcdd general manager list
tcdd general manager list

Mehmet Fuat Zincirkıran, (1897, Istanbul - 1 December 1958), Turkish bureaucrat and politician.

He is a graduate of Karlsruhe Technical University, Faculty of Construction, Germany. Anatolian-Baghdad Railways Toros Civil Engineering and Road Department Engineering Assistant, Anadolu-Baghdad Railways Department Bridges Science Committee Engineering, State Railways and Ports General Directorate Road and Mebani Department Engineering Engineering, Iron Bridges Science Committee Engineering and Directorate, Road Department Directorate He served as Deputy General Manager of State Railways Iron Bridges Science Delegation, General Directorate of State Railways, Undersecretariat and Undersecretariat of the Ministry of Transportation, Ankara Deputy of the X. Term. He is married and has a child.

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