Flash Channel Istanbul Decision From The Court!

flas channel istanbul decision from court
flas channel istanbul decision from court

There was an important development in the lawsuit filed against the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the cancellation of the “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) positive” decision of 17 January 2020 and for the suspension of execution.

The court decided to conduct an expert examination on Kanal Istanbul route. In the decision taken unanimously on May 10, the 8th Administrative Court of Istanbul; He decided that a decision should be made on the request to stop the execution after a local survey and expert examination has been made, since it is necessary to seek expert opinion of the expert in order to clarify the dispute in technical terms.

In the discovery and expert investigation, a member judge was assigned and the authorization was given for the selection of more than one expert, giving the day of discovery, performing the discovery, and preparing the questions to be asked to the experts.

IMM, political parties and diverse non-governmental organizations requested the cancellation of the EIA report and the suspension of execution.

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