Streets and Boulevards Preparing for Summer in Eskişehir

Streets and Boulevards Prepare for Summer in Eskisehir
Streets and Boulevards Prepare for Summer in Eskisehir

Continuing the road construction, maintenance and repair works in the city center and in the countryside with the warming of the weather, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on hot asphalt at different points in the city center when it is a curfew.

The Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams, which carried out hot asphalt work at 10 different tram level crossings and crossroads last weekend, will also carry out maintenance and repair work on the areas identified on 6 different streets on the other hand, while at the same time bringing the tram level crossings to hot asphalt. . Stating that the teams continue to work in the countryside without slowing down, the officials stated that the teams continue their patch work in order to secure the roads damaged in the winter season. Maintenance of teams between İnönü District, Erenköy-Esnemez Neighborhood road, TCK Highway-Ayvalı Neighborhood road, Çifteler District Orhaniye-Osmaniye neighborhood road, Süleymaniye-Kızılcaören neighborhood road, South-Yeşilyurt-Sasa neighborhood road and Kınık-Beyyazı neighborhood road Stating that they are doing the work, the officials stated that the works will continue without interruption.

New Ramp to Porsuk Stream

In line with the need revealed during the cleaning performed in Porsuk Stream, the authorities stated that the construction of the new ramp has been completed in order to facilitate the cleaning work in the future, and that the ramp will facilitate the cleaning in that area in the future.

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