Engine to be used in National Combat Aircraft Prototypes Supplied

engines to be used in national combat aircraft prototypes were supplied
engines to be used in national combat aircraft prototypes were supplied

President of the Republic of Turkey, President of Defense Industry. Dr. During the live broadcast with industry magazines, İsmail DEMİR made statements about the engines to be used in the prototypes of the National Combat Aircraft.

In the statement made by President DEMİR, “While we have already started a domestic engine development project for the engine of the National Combat Aircraft, we also said that we should use the F110 engine for the first prototypes. We consider the designs as two concepts suitable for both F110 and domestic engine. There is currently no problem with the supply of the F110 engine, and the F110 engine is one we know very well. It is both an engine that has been produced in TEI (TUSAŞ Motor Industry) significantly, and an engine that we have been using for years, and we have done all the maintenance and repair. It was safer to start from this.

But while the national motor development process continues, some of the engine contacts and collaborations continue. Let me not name the country here, but we have positive developments in this area as well. Of course, since we know that this will take a certain time, 5-6 engines (F110 engines to be used in prototypes) are currently supplied. ” expressions were included.

General Electric F110

F110 Turbofan Engine Systems, developed by General Electric, are also used by F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets in the Turkish Air Force inventory. Almost all of the F110 engines supplied for the Turkish Air Force are installed and tested. TUSAŞ Motor Sanayii A.Ş. It was carried out by (TEI).

F-110-GE-110, member of F100 Turbofan Engine family, has 28.000lb thrust; F110-GE-129 has 28.378lb thrust; The F-110-GE-132 has a 32.000lb thrust. The engines are used by the F-16 and F-15 platforms.

Source: Defense Industry

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