EGO buses will provide free service to citizens who are exempt from ban

ego buses will provide free service to citizens who are exempt from ban
ego buses will provide free service to citizens who are exempt from ban

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has completed the preparations for the Eid al-Fitr. In addition to the streets and boulevards of Başkent, cleaning works are carried out in the cemeteries, while the Police Department teams tightened their food inspections especially for companies that produce sweets. Crisis Desk, Başkent 153, ASKİ, Ankara Fire Brigade and Municipal Police teams will work on a 7/24 basis during the feast, including the day of Arife. Halk Ekmek Retail Stores and Halk Ekmek buffets will be open only between 23-3 on May 26, Saturday and 10.00th of May. Science and ASKİ teams will continue their infrastructure and superstructure works. EGO buses, which carry Ankara residents free of charge during national and religious holidays, will also serve citizens who are exempt from curfew.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has completed all its preparations throughout the city before the Ramadan Feast, which will pass under the shadow of the curfew due to the coronavirus epidemic this year.

Baskent 153, Crisis Desk, EGO and ASKI General Directorate, Ankara Police and Metropolitan Fire Department will work 7/24 to meet the needs and demands of Ankara residents during the holiday.


EGO General Directorate, which will provide public transportation between certain hours on May 23, will provide free bus service between May 24-26, except for rail systems, in line with the decision of the Provincial General Sanitary Board of Provincial Governorship of Ankara:

- May 23, 2020: 07.00-20.00

- 24-26 May 2020: 07.00-09.00 and 16.30-20.00

During the Ramadan Feast, where the decision of the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly to provide free transportation service on religious and national holidays, Ankara residents who are exempted from the curfew will be able to benefit from EGO buses free of charge at the specified hours.


Increasing the routine food inspections carried out by citizens to reach healthy food before the holiday, Ankara Police; It continues its audits for businesses that produce and sell bakery products and sweet products.

Legal actions are taken for deficiencies observed in audits that check whether compliance with health, hygiene, tax plate and coronavirus epidemic, compliance with the use of masks, gloves, sleeves, bones and gowns, social distance, number of employees and customers are checked.

Stating that the Ankara Police Department will also check whether the businesses and businesses are closed on the days of curfew, Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Mustafa Koç gave the following information:

“During these days, when we are preparing to meet the blessed Eid al-Fitr with our Ankara nationals in the conditions of combating the epidemic, our teams, which are mobile around the clock, continue their control throughout the city. In the center, we have teams that respond immediately to complaints that have reached the Başkent 153 line. ”


The Cemeteries Department also prepared the cleaning of the cemeteries before the Ramadan Holiday and prepared them for the visit.

In addition to all the districts of the capital KarşıyakaWhile performing detailed cleaning work in Ortaköy, Cebeci Asri, Gölbaşı, Bağlum and Sincan Cimşit Cemeteries, care was taken to ensure that the general appearance of the cemeteries that were heavily flooded before the feast due to the curfew will be applied.

Within the scope of the works in which the trees in the cemeteries were maintained, the dried tree branches were pruned, and the weeds were also. A meticulous cleaning was carried out in the cemeteries in the cemetery where the relatives were allowed to visit on the first day of the feast.

Stating that they started the preparations for the feast 1 month ago in all cemeteries, Head of the Cemeteries Department Köksal Bozan said:

“In line with the instructions of our Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavas, not only central cemeteries but also all district cemeteries were cleaned. Cleaning and maintenance work has been completed in our 6 cemeteries in the center. We started to make fire measurements at the entrance gates of our citizens who came for the visit, we also provide masks to those without a mask. Relatives of the martyrs will be able to make martyrdom visits on the first day of the holiday in line with the circular of the Ministry of Interior. Our cemeteries will be open to the visits of our citizens who do not have curfews during the curfew. ”


Acting as a communication bridge between the capital city and the Metropolitan Municipality, Başkent will serve on a 153/7 basis to solve the demands of the citizens as soon as possible on 24 holidays.

The Crisis Desk and Psychological Support line established during the coronavirus epidemic process will continue to work towards the demands of the citizens throughout the holiday. Ankara residents will be able to send their requests and complaints to the Metropolitan Municipality via the Crisis Desk phone number “0312 666 60 00” or via the Capital 153.

Ankara Fire Department will also work 46/7 at 24 stations together with the districts. Başkent residents will be able to report possible fire reports via the 112 Emergency Call Center.


ASKI General Directorate will continue to provide services to the Capitals, 7/24, during the holiday.

In case of urgent need, citizens will be able to reach ASKİ through the emergency call center “0312 616 10 00” or via the Capital 153. ASKİ teams, which will continue to provide mobile services on a 24-hour basis in Card Counter Failure Maintenance and Repair services; Card counter transactions of disabled citizens, health and safety employees, especially citizens over 65, will go to their addresses.

ASKI General Directorate service building will be open between 4-08.00 for 17.00 days for the replacement, renewal and loading services of the card counter magnetic cards. The teams will also continue their breakdown, maintenance and infrastructure work without interruption.

As part of the fight against coronavirus, the Department of Science Affairs, which increased the asphalt shifts in the curfew applied on weekends, will continue to work on holidays. The Science Affairs Department teams, which will perform asphalt laying and maintenance work in the center and all districts, will provide both a modern appearance and driving safety in the capital roads.


City Aesthetics Department teams also accelerated the cleaning work in the city before the Ramadan Feast.

In addition to the streets and boulevards of Ankara, teams that perform washing operations at bus stops, benches, sidewalks, squares and barriers at central points such as Ulus and Kızılay prepared the city for the feast. Sweeping vehicles and mobile teams will continue to work on a 7/24 basis during the feast on which a curfew will apply for a gleaming Ankara.


The Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Factory, which has become a brand in the capital, has determined the working schedule for the Ramadan Feast.

Halk Ekmek, which goes to organize the working days and hours to meet the food needs of citizens and carries the products of local producers to its shelves, presented the baklava and dessert varieties specially prepared for the festival to the taste of the capitalists.

Halk Ekmek Retail Stores and Halk Ekmek buffets will be open only between 23-3 on Saturday, May 26rd, Tuesday and May 10.00th, the third day of the holiday.

Following the start of intercity travel after the citizens aged 65 and over were given the freedom to go home, all necessary measures were taken at AŞTİ. While citizens with travel permits are not taken to AŞTİ without a mask, security measures are also taken to a higher level.

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