e-Government 1.000 TL Social Support Inquiry! Pandemi Social Welfare Application Results

e state pandemic tl social support inquiry pandemic application results
e state pandemic tl social support inquiry pandemic application results

Phase 1000 applications of e-Government 3 TL pandemic support are being made. 1st and 2nd phase payments of the social assistance money were made to those in need. Details about how to apply for 3rd phase 1000 TL social assistance applications are being wondered. So how can I apply for 1000 TL, and who can get it?

The third phase of social security benefit applications of 1000 TL, given by the Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services, to citizens who are economically affected by the coronavirus pandemic continues. Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk said in his statement last week that “3. We have received over 3 million applications to our phase outreach program. We have made 6 thousand payments in Phase 3 so far. ” said. Citizens who want to receive social assistance money make inquiries from the e-government system.


1000 TL social assistance money is paid to those in need due to corona virus. 1000 TL pandemic support applications can be made via e-Government. Social assistance benefit 3rd phase applications are made according to the last digit of the TR identity number.

Applications for 3rd Phase have started through the Pandemi Social Support Program module in E-Government.

According to the last digit of your TR Identity Number;

0- Monday
8- Friday

You can make your applications on the days.

Anyone can apply without any restrictions on Saturdays and Sundays.

To Apply For Outreach CLICK HERE


To inquire 1000 TL outreach money through e-Government, log in to your e-Government account via the link below. Then, on the search button, go to the "Social Aid Information Inquiry" section from the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services. Then click on the button to query.

To Question Social Aid Money CLICK HERE

Who can get the social aid money?

By Social Assistance and Solidarity foundations; Social Assistance and Solidarity Incentive Law No. 3294 or 2022

Within the scope of the Law Regarding Monthly Bonding to Turkish Citizens Over 65, Needy, Weak and Orphan, (Regular Pension, Elderly Pension, Disability Pension, Relative Pension),

Silicosis Pension,

Regular Cash Aid for Women Who Died A Spouse,

Regular Cash Aid for Needy Soldier Families,

Orphan Orphan Benefit,

Needy Soldier Child Aid,

Conditional Education Aid,

Conditional Health Aid,

Multiple Birth Aid,

Regular Cash Aid Program for Tuberculosis and SSPE Patients with Psycho-Social and Financial Loss) will be paid 1.000 TL within the scope of the Economic Stability Shield Package Support Program, without the need for any application.

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