AKP Sugar: "Don't Worry, YHT Will Stop in Kocaeli"

dont worry about akpli yht
dont worry about akpli yht

Speaking about YHT expeditions that started after a break due to a pandemic but did not stop in Izmit, AK Party Kocaeli Deputy İlyas Şeker said, “This is just the beginning. The train will stop in Kocaeli after the tempo is seen. ”

High-speed train (YHT) services, which were suspended on 28 March as part of coronavirus measures, started this morning. Two months later, the first time was held between 07.00:50 and Ankara. The trains, which will operate at 16 percent capacity, are planned to run 2 times a day. 50 tickets have already been sold. The trains are operated with a XNUMX percent capacity, leaving the side seats of the passengers empty with a sparse seating arrangement, paying attention to the social distance rules and isolation.

Speaking about the train not stopping in Kocaeli, İlyas Şeker said, “But no one should wonder, nobody can ignore Kocaeli. In a city that provides 14 percent of the economy, there is no such thing as a train stop. It will definitely open. However, I called the general manager and said that a quota should be given to Kocaeli. It can be done as follows; For example, 180-5 quotas are given to Kocaeli for 10 people. Until the last hour, those quotas are kept. If those tickets are not sold from Kocaeli, it is allowed to sell from Istanbul in the last hour. But I repeat, no one should worry, after the cautious steps, the train will stop in Izmit anyway.

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