'Escalator Overpass' to Doğupark

top passage with stairs
top passage with stairs

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is implementing an important project in Doğupark. The first phase of the overpass with escalator, which will facilitate the lives of elderly and disabled citizens, will be completed in a short time and put into service.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is signing another project that will facilitate the lives of elderly and disabled citizens. The pedestrian transportation problem in Doğupark, where the Samsun-Ordu ring road viaduct and the rail system line are located, is eliminated with the escalator overpass. The construction of the project, which was initiated by the order of the Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, continues at full speed. While approaching the end of the first stage installation works, it was stated that the escalator overpass will be put into service within 15 days after the tests.

It is stated that the second stage of the viaduct side of the 9-meter-high and 21-meter-long rising and walking escalator overpass project will start in early June.

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