When Will Eastern Express Expeditions Begin?

When will the express express start?
When will the express express start?

TCDD Tasimacilik is wondering when the Eastern Express, Touristic East Express and Van Lake Express train services, which were suspended due to the coronavirus epidemic, will start. If there is no change, the train services that travelers, photographers and adventure enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for will start again in June.

Travelers, photographers and adventure enthusiasts who will participate in the Eastern Express, Touristic East Express and Van Lake Express train services in groups will have to be more careful during the journey due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, some rules have been introduced on trains. Accordingly, the trains will carry passengers with 50 percent capacity. Passengers without masks will not be admitted to the trains. Passengers will purchase tickets in advance. They will only be able to sit in the seat they bought. He will not be able to travel in another seat. There is no change in ticket prices. Disinfectants will be available on trains. How to travel in sleeper compartments in groups on the Eastern Express, Touristic Eastern Express and Van Lake Express trains will be clarified after the decision to start the voyages. kazanwill ache. It is not known how the service will be in the dining wagons on the Eastern Express.

About the Eastern Express

The Eastern Express runs between Ankara and Ankara every day and consists of pullman, covered, covered and dining wagons. There are 10 compartments in the couchette wagons and 4 people can travel in each compartment. Bed sheet, pique and pillow are provided by TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ, and the seats in the compartment can be used as beds when desired. The dining wagon has 14 tables, seating ranging from 47-52. The Eastern Express completes its flight between Ankara and Kars in approximately 24 hours.

Eastern express route map
Eastern express route map

Here are the new rules to be applied on trains

Some rules will apply during the transition period. These are as follows:

  • Trains will carry passengers with 50 percent capacity.
  • Unmasked passengers will not be taken to trains. Passengers must come with their masks.
  • Passengers will get tickets in advance. It will only sit on the seat they bought. He will not be able to travel on another seat.
  • There is no change in ticket prices.
  • There will be disinfectant on the trains.

Trains Will Have Empty Seats For Health Behind The Wagons ”

“The trains will also operate at 50 percent capacity. There will be empty seats for health in the back. Citizens need financial and psychological support to get used to the new era. them again kazanSacrifice is required to achieve. According to the researches, the airline cannot catch the January figures even in this season next year. There are similar figures on the trend. People's lives will change.

 Code Application Started in Train Travels

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that the application of Hayat Eve Sığar (HEPP) code has started for those who want to travel by public transport such as planes, trains, buses within the scope of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic measures.

What is HES Code and How to Get It?

Hes code
Hes code

Health Minister Koca stated that travels can now be made with HES code, and the acceptance of passengers to domestic flights with a feature that will come to the “Hayat Eve Sığar” mobile application will be provided with HES code control. The risk status of all passengers on the flight will be inquired through the HEPP code 24 hours before the domestic flight. ” Minister Koca said, “Individuals will be able to show that they do not have risks, are not sick or in contact, through this Hayat Eve Sığar application. We are going to practice first in intercity transportation. You will be able to travel by plane and train using the code you will receive through the mobile application. ” said.

Code application started on plane train and bus travel

What is HES Code?

HES code is a code that will be produced with a feature that will come to the “Hayat Eve Sığar” mobile application. Based on this code, a priority screening will be made and it will be decided whether the passenger is accepted or not. Plane and train travel can be made using this code.

Minister Fahrettin Koca; The addition of the HEPP code, which will be produced individually, has been made mandatory as of 18 May 2020. For the HES code inquiry, the passenger ID number (TCKN, Passport etc.), contact information (both phone and e-mail fields) and date of birth will be entered correctly and completely as required fields.

When Will YHT Expeditions Begin?

He stated that the seats of the trains were arranged so as to adjust the distances between the seats according to the changing social distance rules after the YHT Coranavirus operated by TCDD Taşımacık AŞ. The ticket sales for YHT flights, which will start in mid-June, will be on the internet again.

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