Ditaş Junction and Railway Overpass Construction Started

Ditas intersection and railroad crossing construction started
Ditas intersection and railroad crossing construction started

Niğde Mayor Emrah Özdemir announced that the works for Ditaş Junction and railway overpass have started.

Ditaş Junction, which is of great importance for Niğde, where many accidents occur and the bleeding wounds of Niğde, and the railroad crossing the boulevard between the railway overpass and Niğde province are preventing. Railway vehicle overpass, the old Kayseri road Ditaş has started to work on new junction. The 20 meter wide overpass, which will be constructed in double lane, will be completed by the end of 2020.

President Özdemir; “We fulfill each one, whatever we promised in our selection booklet. Our work on Ditaş Junction railway overpass started with good luck. This is one of our projects that will suit our city the most. We will fulfill our every promise one by one. Our aim; to serve our nation, to increase the quality of life of our nation. I would like to thank our deputies for their support in our projects. ”



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