Disinfection Cabinet That Kills Coronavirus In 30 Seconds

the cabin that kills the coronavirus per second
the cabin that kills the coronavirus per second

Professor of quantum research at Maltepe University. Dr. Afif Sıddıki and his team have designed a disinfection cabinet to protect the healthcare providers and patients from infection by combating the coronavirus epidemic.

Prof. Dr. Maltepe University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Quantum Optics and Electronics Technologies Laboratory Responsible. Dr. Afif Sıddıki and his team are working on disinfection devices that eliminate the risk of virus transmission in the COVID-19 outbreak war. The team, which designed and handled the production of the handset in April, this time, Heksagon Studio A.Ş. Together with the company, he signed the “Disinfection Cabinet” design that will protect the healthcare professionals and patients from infection.

Providing information about the project, Prof. Dr. Afif Sıddıki said that COVID-19 turned into a global threat in a short time due to the speed of its spread, and the carriers caused the spread of the virus. Noting that the healthcare workers fighting the epidemic are at the most risk, Sıddıki emphasized that disinfection of personal protection equipment such as visors, glasses, gloves, protective clothing on the healthcare worker by using ozone and ultraviolet (UV) rays together in the cabin they developed. In this way, he stated that the personal protection equipment infected by the virus after contact with the patient is provided to be cleaned of the virus without contact with another patient or without getting infected while the healthcare worker is undressing.

Professor He also stated that with the developed device, it was possible to develop an effective solution for preventing the transmission of infectious diseases, which is evident with COVID-19, but which is a general problem in hospitals, to other patients and healthcare workers. He said that UVC rays with a wavelength of 254 nm in his cabin, which he prototype, effectively disinfects everyone without any damage and virtually no shaded areas, thanks to their design.

Stating that the main difference of the cabin from other UV-based disinfection systems is that it is compatible with the radiation doses in the EU legislation, as well as the high dose effect on viruses and microorganisms. He pointed out that these results were confirmed by scientific tests at the laboratories of Maltepe University. Stating that they have completed their patent applications, Professor. Stressfully, he emphasized that the method they used in another study that worked with the same principle in collaboration with the IONTEK Laboratory within the body of TUBITAK MARTEK also saw that it was effective on DNA and RNA viruses. Professor Strictly, he continued as follows:

“In the vitality experiments we carried out in the UVC disinfection cabinet, we observed that the model cell we used had died at a rate of up to 30 percent in a very short period of time, such as XNUMX seconds. More important than this, we have also proven with tests that healthcare workers equipped with protection equipment such as visors, goggles, gloves, protective clothing (PPE) are not affected. We also demonstrated experimentally that thanks to the ozone system we use in our design, UVC has achieved a very effective viral load reduction in areas that do not penetrate. ”

Stating that the cabin work was presented to the Istanbul Development Agency and TÜBİTAK as a project, Sıddıki added that this cabin would benefit many patients and healthcare workers, especially in hospital neonatal and infectious diseases services after the epidemic, and similar types of cabin can be used at checkpoints such as airports.

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