Digital Agriculture Market Will Encourage Everyone to Production

digital agriculture market will encourage everyone to produce
digital agriculture market will encourage everyone to produce

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Digital Agriculture Market will easily find farmers 'products with the Digital Agriculture Market, which will facilitate farmers' access to the market.

Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association President Hayrettin Plane evaluated April export figures, Digital Agriculture Market, issues resolved during the pandemic, measures taken, cherry exports to the Far East, 2020 season at the press conference organized by the Izmir Branch of the Economy Correspondents Association. .

Aegean Age Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association President Hayrettin Plane said that the pandemic caused all sectors in the world to enter an economically distressed process.

“In this process, the only sector that continues production by increasing its capacity instead of stopping is the agricultural sector, which is the first link of food and food production. The whole world understood the importance of agriculture.

In this period, we need to come up with new things in the name of agriculture and prepare for the outbreak. Because the world will now be a different world and will move on a different line. I strongly believe that if we get out of this difficult process, our country's place and position in the world will be very different. In this period, we need to produce and implement effective agricultural policies for our future. ”

Everyone will focus on agriculture with the Digital Agriculture Market

The Digital Agriculture Market (DİTAP), which was launched by Bekir Pakdemirli, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Forestry at the end of April, was an important step forward for the future.

“I would like to thank our Minister for the project that brings together producers, exporters, operators and consumers on the same platform. It will proceed in the form of contract farming. With digitalization, we will have come a long way in agriculture. We will have produced good agriculture. The manufacturer will not worry about how to sell my product. In digital agriculture, the estuary, manufacturer, exporter and institutions of the state will be together. Switching to digital will encourage everyone to production. In this way, with the young population, everyone will focus on agriculture and return to rural life. With this project, everyone will work in their region, hometown and trade. It will create new projects for our youth. It will turn into a serious opportunity for Turkey. Turkey's everyone works around the earth. There is a feverish work in agriculture. Everybody is embraced and put their hands under the stone. There will be a serious increase in agriculture. ”

Big investors do agriculture

Indicating that new opportunities may arise in the sector, he said that agriculture is very important and investors turn the needle to agriculture.

“They engaged in extensive study and research to do agriculture. The big investor started to take place in the agricultural sector. The continuation of the situation like this will have a positive impact on our exports. Nothing will be the same in the coming period. Stones will inevitably play. Innovation will come. It will be much better than before. ”

Air cargo prices are lowered, pass documents are provided

Hayrettin Plane listed the issues that were resolved through direct communication with the Minister of Agriculture Pakdemirli and other relevant Ministries in the pandemic process as follows:

“We conveyed to our Ministry of Commerce that our product exporters had difficulties in finding ethyl alcohol vinegar used in pickles. Necessary measures will be taken as soon as possible and the solution of the problem will be provided. The problem of high cargo prices was conveyed to our exporters, who turned to air cargo due to the difficulty of road transportation, and the air cargo prices were lowered to our exporters as much as possible with the initiatives of our Ministry of Agriculture. In the curfew, one-to-one communication was established with the local administrations for the work of agriculture, and the work was not stopped. Inter-city permit document has been given to the members of exporters' unions, and thus, garden, business and producer visits have been continued without interruption. Manisa İl Tarım Md. 50.000 Name, İzmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture. 70.000 Ad. mask is provided. ”

Speaking of the fact that many exporters are being discussed with Eximbank for financing support, which is the most important issue of the exporter, he said, “On Saturday, 9 May, we bring together Eximbank Aegean Regional Manager Gülom Timurhan and İzmir Branch Manager Hüseyin Egemen Kılıç with video conferences. he spoke.

Fresh fruit and vegetable products reached 1 billion 321 million dollars

Hayrettin Flight, Turkey generally -1 to April period January 30, fresh fruit and vegetables 21,6 percent of 756 million dollars, 12,9 million dollars of fruit and vegetable products increased by 565 percent, with a total of 17 billion, a 1 percent increase in the first two sectors He said it reached $ million.

In the Aegean region, the aircraft is $ 57,4 million with an increase of 68,7 percent in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, $ 10,1 million with an increase of 215,4 percent in fruit and vegetable products, and $ 19 million with a 284 percent increase in total of the two sectors he added.

“Despite the heavy blow that exports to the pandemic, we can say that the agricultural sector has sustained the Aegean exports and that 100 dollars of every 45 dollar export of Egeli exporters came from agriculture. In the January-April 2020 period, in our export markets; Russia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Israel came to the forefront in the export of fruit and vegetables, while Germany, America, England, the Netherlands and Italy came to the fore in the export of fruit and vegetable products. As the product, Tomato, tomato paste, dried tomato, tangerine, juices, pomegranate, strawberry and pickles have been our most important export products. ”

Intense demand from the Far East to Turkish cherries

Describing that they constantly meet with commercial attachments in the countries of the world through teleconferencing-videoconferencing methods, he continued his words as follows:

“We have a video meeting almost once a week, especially with China. Beijing Commercial Counselor's Hakan Roaster from Beijing, China guanco Commercial Attaché in Turkey Serdar Afshar Join the Goanco telekonferans' that, together with the EIB Board Member, our product range and we talked about how we can increase capacity. I can give you the good news that we have come a long way especially for cherry. In China and the Far East market, we continue to work on cherries, stone fruits, other fruits and fruit and vegetable products. In this regard, we are in constant communication with our Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Trade. "

“It will be a good year despite everything”

Explaining that cherry yield and quality are extremely good this year, the aircraft said, “The opening of markets such as China, Taiwan, South Korea excites cherry exporters. This season, the Far East will be one of our important markets for Kiraz. Likewise, the harvest and quality of peach, whose harvest is beginning, is better than last year. Again, in the Aegean Region, important fruit and vegetable products, gherkin, cucumber, roasted peppers and varieties are very good in terms of quality and yield in tomato paste. 2020 is a very productive year in terms of fruit and vegetable production. When the danger of the epidemic disappears, the positive atmosphere we caught in the first 4 months will continue and despite all, 2020 will be a good year for our sectors. I do not think there will be any restrictions on food and agricultural products during the epidemic. ” said.

Export continues without disruption

He added that necessary measures were taken for seasonal agricultural workers and that there was no problem.

“The prices of newly released products are high. With the costs, packaging, workmanship and commission fee, the prices are rising necessarily. The product that does not have a season is sold at a price higher than the market value, but prices return to normal in the season. We had the problem of finding a driver on the highway in the first days. After 14 days, the process was resolved. The Ministry of Commerce has created buffer zones and we have survived that process. We are not in trouble. Currently diagnosed with rapid diagnostic kits. ”

The plane said, “It is not possible for any vehicle to hit the road, without which we have not received the tag. According to the law of the state, after taking the tag, he can take it to the market without entering the halo. Everything is registered. Otherwise, the vehicles are tracked and their penalty will be imposed. ” said.

“We will get stronger from the crisis”

Cengiz Balık, Vice Chairman of the Board of Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, said that the fresh fruit and vegetable sector is one of the sectors that will be least affected by the pandemic, “People are at home due to quarantine measures. Therefore, fruit and vegetable consumption increased compared to previous years. This is a chance for our industry. We are advantageous than competing countries. We will not face difficulties in harvesting, finding workers, like Italy and Spain. There is an increase in input costs. Prices increased on issues such as packaging materials and logistics. Despite everything, we will get stronger from this crisis. ” said.

Emin Demirci, Member of the Board of Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, said, “When there is a product scarce in any way, you should not import immediately. Farmers have trouble. There is no need to educate the manufacturer with imports. ” he spoke.

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