Tourism and Shopping Center Mission to Cumhuriyet Street Nostalgic Tram

republic street nostalgic tramway tourism and carsi duty
republic street nostalgic tramway tourism and carsi duty

Bursa Cultural Heritage Preservation Board Chairman Architect Hayrettin Eldemir 'le sohbetwe have Bursa's new tourism In addition to understanding, transportation touch among the suggestions that will bring Cumhuriyet Caddesi tram opened a separate page.

Soze ...

“This tram has not been used so far” he started, tourism mission he stood on:

“If the tourist buses are brought to Zafer Plaza by nostalgic tram after parking in the parking lot of Panorama 1326 Conquest Museum, they will go up to Tophane and Hisar from the walking staircase at Balibey Han.”

He stressed:

"The tourist thus enters the bazaar and is reflected in this economy."

The idea is:

“We have a working train line, instead of dismantling it, it is possible to use rantabl. The section that continues to İncirli at most is canceled and the last 50 meters can be turned towards Kamberler Park. ”

He added:

“You should not remove this possibility from Cumhuriyet Street.” (Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz/Event)

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