Cengiz Holding Starts 400 Million Euro Railway Project in Croatia

Cengiz insaat
Cengiz insaat

Cengiz Holding, chaired by businessman Mehmet Cengiz, is in Croatia with 400 million Euros (Approximately 3 Billion TL). kazanIt starts its railway project on May 25, 2020. The project is among the largest projects in the country.

As a result of talks between Mehmet Cengiz and Croatian government officials, it was decided to start the project, which was delayed for a while due to the coronavirus outbreak. The railway project will be the most strategically important project of the country.


The railway project extending to the Krizhevci Koprivnica Hungarian Border was put out to tender last July, and 10 companies submitted bids. Significant companies from Turkey, Slovenia, Spain, China and Austria submitted bids for the project, but the tender was not awarded. kazanThe moment had become Cengiz Holding. The giant project is the most expensive in terms of infrastructure in Croatia.

In the project, which is planned to be completed in November 2023, infrastructure, superstructure, electrification, signaling and telecommunication works will be carried out within the scope of the 42,6-kilometer double track railway work. While 9 train stations will be built within the scope of the project, 635 bridges/viaducts, the longest of which will be 16 meters, will also be built. . In addition, a 25-kilometer sound protection wall will be built in the project.

The most challenging part of the project will be the 338-meter steel bridge over the Drava river. The European Union will finance 85 percent of the work, which is strategically important for the country.

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