Suggestion to Relieve Traffic and Tourism of Bursa with 3 Touch

the proposal to ease the traffic and tourism of the scholarship by touch
the proposal to ease the traffic and tourism of the scholarship by touch

The truth ahead is this… Bursa Of course, it is not a preferred city for sea-sand-sun vacation. However, 8 years of history and Ottoman'is the first capital of authentic tourism a city with a difference in terms of.

In the last period thermal tourism ve health tourism we can add their moves.

So what…

Tourists who come for historical tourism are generally Grand Mosque ve Green Mosque They visit the tomb with. Also Armory'deki Osman Gazi ve Orhan Gazi they take their shrine to excursion programs. Because we couldn't offer other options as a city.

These points are also tourist buses due to the lack of parking spaces for city ​​traffic is a problem in terms of.

Recently Son

Osmangazi Municipality 's gifts to the city Panorama 1326 Conquest Museum It was a very special place that we can offer to tourists coming to the city.  Old Bursais revived Hisar Project reveals the riches of the city.


It will also reveal this past. As well as urban life relaxes will solve the traffic some small touches are possible.

Will be able to provide this 3 touches proposal Bursa Cultural Heritage Preservation Board Chairman Architect Hayrettin Eldemir 'came from.


“Buses bringing tourists to the Panorama Museum stay in the parking lot in the museum courtyard. If tourists visiting Panorama are also carried free by the nostalgic tram to Zafer Plaza, they both know the city better and the traffic is not affected. From there, you can go to Tophane by escalators. ”


“He graduated from TOKI National Garden, where Atatürk Stadium is located. Tourist buses from the west of the city can be collected in the parking lot here. Tourists also go to Ulucami by the Silkworm tram. ”

She added:

“If the escalator is added next to the 40 Stairs leading from the National Garden to Muradiye, Sultan Tombs are in the area of ​​interest of tourists.”


“The Green Tomb, which is 200 meters away from the Kamberler Park and the nostalgic tram station next to the Panorama Museum, can be reached by a tunnel escalator. This ladder also solves the problem of those living in Yeşil and Emirsultan. ”(Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz/Event)





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